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We thank the following for providing invaluable information on several of the families researched in this website: Esther Byrt; Michael Greaves; Lorraine Wuth; Annie Pentecost; Angela Comer; Ruth Tootill; Renia Simmonds; Karen Evans, Carol Lee, Colin Dimmock; Lois Kerr; Geoff Nicolai

We are particulary grateful to the following family members for their generous contributions, without which this website would not have been possible - David Horton, Richard & Lynne Horton, Ian Robson, Eric Earnshaw, Desmond Fry, Jenny Davies. Finally we are indebted to our son Robin & his IT skills which have allowed us to produce these pages.

We wish to dedicate these pages to our son Robin & daughter Kate - in case they ever wonder who they are!


Data Sources:; Berkshire Record Office; Bishops Trancripts (University of Durham Library); Durham County Record Office; Durham Records Online; FreeBMD*;General Register Office; Genes Reunited; GENUKI; IGI - Church of Latter Day Saints; Rootsweb; The National Archives; The Weald of Kent Surrey & Sussex; UKBMD;; Ancestry family trees


* Dates obtained from FreeBMD (e.g. Jan-March 1865, Leeds) refer to quarter in which event was registered & registration district. The actual date of the birth, marriage or death may predate this registration.


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