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Sarah Ann Dimmock [d.12.3]

Sarah Ann Dimmock was the third child of John Dimmock & Eliza Ellis born August 19th, 1886 at 10 Phillips St, Castleford, Yorkshire.

Sarah Ann's birth certificate

In 1901 Sarah (also known as Sally) was living with her parents & brother & sisters at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope, Co. Durham. Her father John was a coal miner/hewer at this time, & her older brother Charles was an underground engine driver.

Sarah married Robert Speed Pallister on Christmas Eve, 1907, at St Paul’s, Ryhope, Co Durham. Robert, known as Bob, was a brick layer at the time of the wedding & the address of both was given as 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope. Witnesses at the wedding were John George Reynolds & Emma Dimmock, Sarah Ann’s older sister. Robert was born October 18th, 1886 at Ryhope, Co. Durham, the son of John McCree Pallister & Barbara Hall.

It appears that Bob & Sarah Ann lived with her parents at Tunstall St until about 1920. In 1920 the Electoral Register of Ryhope Colliery shows that Robert, a colliery mason, & Sarah Ann were living at 79 Ryhope St South & living with them was William Speed Pallister who had been at that address in 1919. Robert & Sarah Ann continued to live at Ryhope St South & at the time of the birth of their daughter Vera in 1928 their address was 82 Ryhope St South.

The electoral registers of 1929/30 show Robert & Sarah still at the same address & with them were John & Eliza Dimmock, Sarah Ann’ parents. By 1934 Bob & Sarah Ann had moved to 13 West View, Ryhope & Eliza Dimmock was still with them, which was their home until 1945. By 1947 Bob & Sarah Ann were living at 4 Wraith Terrace, Ryhope where they lived for a number of years.

Left: Bob & Sarah Ann with son John McCree & daughter Vera c1934 Right: Sarah Ann & Vera c1937

Sarah Ann died on October 21st, 1949, aged 63 years, at Shotley Bridge Hospital.  She was cremated

Bob continued to live at 4 Wraith Terrace which was also the home of daughter Vera & husband Dennis Fishwick who took care of Bob in his latter years following the death of Sarah Ann. From Wraith Terrace they moved to Esdale, Ryhope where he lived until his death.

Bob died at Ryhope in Jan-March 1970, aged 84 years.

The children of Sarah Ann Dimmock & Robert Speed Pallister were:

p. Emma Pallister born December 11th, 1909 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope; died December 1909 at Ryhope

p. John McCree Pallister born December 14th, 1910 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope & christened January 4th, 1911 at St Paul's, Ryhope; died July 17th, 1984 at Ryhope, Co. Durham
p. Robert Speed Pallister born February 21st, 1914 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope & christened March 18th, 1914 at St Paul's, Ryhope; died 1995 at Ryhope, Co. Durham

p. Edna Mary Pallister born February 5th, 1918 at 29 Tunstall Street, Ryhope; died February-March 1918 at Ryhope
p. Vera Pallister born August 23rd, 1928 at 82 Ryhope St, Ryhope; died May 7th, 2014 at Sunderland


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