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Mary Fry [f.7.1]

Mary Fry was the first child of Robert Fry & Jane Burtenshaw christened 16th September, 1838 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield.

In 1841, 1851 & 1861 she was at home at Harts farm, Hartfield. Living nearby in 1861 was Mary’s future husband, James Young, & his parents at Fincham Farm.

In 1862 Mary married James Young on October 4th at St. Mary’s parish church, Hartfield. James was christened at St. Mary’s parish church, Hartfield on June 25th, 1835, the 8th of 11 children to Henry & Sophia Young of Fincham Farm, Hartfield.

In 1862 Mary & James moved to Kent. They were recorded in 1871 living at Priors, Cowden, where James was a farm bailiff working for a Mr Thomas Harvey, Rector of Cowden & Magistrate for Kent. With them was a visitor – Henry Young aged 20. Henry was James’ nephew, the son of his oldest brother Edward Young & wife Hannah Humphrey.

Mary died on November 19th, 1872 at Cowden, Kent & was buried November 23rd, 1872 at St Mary’s Parish Church, Hartfield. Son Henry, who died aged 6, is also commemorated on the headstone.

The children of Mary Fry & James Young were:

f.7.1.1 Henry Young born April-June 1863 at Tonbridge, Kent; died July 15th, 1869 at Cowden, Kent

James remarried in Oct-December 1875 at Sevenoaks, Kent. His second wife was Mary Brook who was born c1848 at Heathfield, Sussex, the daughter of Esther & Jesse Brook, a farmer.

By 1879 James had returned to Hartfield & he & Mary were living at Chuckhatch. This is known because of a recording of a statement made by James Young to the solicitor during the Ashdown Forest Dispute of 1876-82 in the Ashdown Forest notebook 3. A copy of this statement is shown below.

James Young
Young, James. Chuck Hatch, Hartfield. Born 8 May 1837. Baptised at Hartfield. Is son of Henry Young. Was born at Fincham and lived there till June 1862 when I went away to Kent for 4 years then I returned and was 11 years bailiff for Mr. Harvey at Cowden and then came here 1 1/2 [years] ago.
All the time I lived at Fincham as far back as I can remember we had litter for the yards, turf for fuel both for the farm house and the cottagers, mould for manure, also brakes. I remember cutting some in the 100 roughs when I was only 6 or 7 years old. We also had heath out of the 100 roughs for thatching our barn about the same time. I rode up in the cart which went to fetch [it]. We used to tam out on the Forest cows, bullocks, sheep and horses. I have had to go many and many a mile in search of the horses. My Father always had stone, sand and loam. The loam was used for crowning ovens and plastering. [We also had] furze and scrub for burning. I carried many a bundle of furze for mother's oven.

When I first recollect, Peter Fillery lived at Possingford. After him William Card (dead), then Flawn (gone to America) [and] John Miles, present tenant. They all had litter, I have seen their teams carrying it. They also turned out cattle and sheep.

Scotchford. I first remember Henry Young (dead), William Card (now at Hodore), then Scrace (present tenant). Young and Card used to have litter.
I know Young turned out very largely. He bred a good many lambs and turned ewes and lambs out as well as bullocks. I have been away and cannot speak as to Scrace.

Pest House. I first recollect George Morphew whose son John still has the farm. Both of them had litter. John had a rare lot last year. They always turned out.

Harts Farm. I first recollect Robert Fry. I married his daughter. He always turned [out] and had litter and turf. I used to see his team carrying it and I used to see them about the place.
Fry also had materials from the Forest to repair his roads and drains.

By 1881 James & his second wife had moved to Newton’s Hill, Hartfield where James was a farmer of 24 acres, employing 2 labourers. They had 3 children – James (4), Louisa M (3) & George (1) – James & Louisa had been born in Cowden whereas George was born in Hartfield. In 1882 the family had moved to Harts Farm (Kellys Directory) after the death of Robert Fry, father of Mary Fry, James’s first wife.

Sadly Mary died, aged 38, in February 1885, soon after the birth of their last son William & was buried February 14th, 1885 at St Mary's Hartfield.

In 1891 widowed James was still at Harts Farm with children James, George, Charlotte (10), Thomas (8) & William (6). There was a housekeeper, Alice Goodman, & a general labourer, John Stevenson, also living there.

James died, aged 56, on October 27th, 1893 at Harts Farm & was buried October 30th, 1893 at St Mary's, Hartfield. Administration of his will was granted to Frances Gladman, spinster & his effects were £249.11s.10d.

The children of James Young & his second wife Mary Brook were:

James Young born July-September 1876 at Cowden, Kent
Louisa Mary Young born July-September 1877 at Cowden, Kent
George Young born July-Sept 1879 at Hartfield
Charlotte Elizabeth Young born April-June 1881 at Hartfield
Thomas Young born Jan-March 1883 at Hartfield
William Young born Jan-March 1885 at Hartfield


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