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Robert Fry [f.7]

Robert Fry was the seventh child of William Fry & Hannah Killick christened December 12th, 1804 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

Robert married Jane Burtenshaw on October 8th, 1837 at Horsted Keynes. Jane was the daughter of John & Mary Burtenshaw & was christened May 10th, 1806 at Ardingly.

Their first child, Mary, was born in 1838 at Hartfield, followed by son Robert in 1840 also at Hartfield.

The family were living at Harts Farm, Hartfield at the time of the 1841 census and Robert was a farmer. Living with them were 3 servant – Elizabeth Rogers, Charles Humphrey & Joseph Edwards. During the next 7 years 4 more children were born at Harts Farm – Elizabeth, John, Hannah & William.

In 1851 Robert & Jane were still at Harts Farm with all the children except Hannah who died in July 1849. There were 3 servants living with them – Lydda Funnel, Thomas Mitchell & Michael Divall. Robert was listed as a farmer at Harts Farm in the 1851 Post Office Directory for Hartfield & was also listed as a farmer living in Hartfield in Melville’s Directory of Sussex in 1858.

Harts Farm - 2005

In 1861 Robert & Jane were still at Harts Farm, a farm of 90 acres employing 2 sons (Robert & John), 1 labourer & 1 boy (Jesse Hudson, 14). Daughter Mary & son William were also still at home. In 1867 Robert was again listed in the Post Office Directory for Hartfield. Living nearby in 1861 was daughter Mary’s future husband, James Young, & his parents at Fincham Farm.

By 1871 Robert was a widower, Jane having died January 10th, 1868, & was buried at St Marys, Hartfield. Robert was still farming at Harts Farm with daughter Elizabeth now married to John Hudson. Son William was also still at home. There was a domestic servant Fanny Gurr & 2 farm servants – John Hill & Isaac Rye.

Jane's grave at Hartfield

Robert was still living at Harts Farm in 1874 according to the Post Office Directory.

Robert died December 15th, 1875 & is buried at St Marys, Hartfield. His will was proved on February 22nd, 1876 by sons Robert Fry of the Rising Sun Inn, Fetcham, innkeeper, & William Fry of Harts Farm Hartfield, farmer.  Robert’s effects were under £800.

Robert's grave at Hartfield

In 1882 Kellys directory noted that James Young (husband of Robert’s Daughter Mary) was the resident farmer at Harts Farm.

The children of Robert Fry & Jane Burtenshaw were:

f.7.1. Mary Fry christened 16th September, 1838 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield; died November 19th, 1872 at Cowden Kent, buried November 23rd, 1872 at Hartfield
f.7.2. Robert Fry christened April 5th, 1840 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield; died January 21st, 1895, buried January 24th, 1895 at Hartfield
f.7.3. Elizabeth Fry christened August 1st, 1841 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield; died 1911
f.7.4. John Fry christened June 18th, 1843 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield, died 1897 at Rusper, Sussex
f.7.5. Hannah Fry christened April 27th, 1845 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield, buried July 8th,1849 at Hartfield
f.7.6. William Fry christened April 2nd, 1848 at St Marys parish church, Hartfield; died July 8th, 1882, buried July 12th, 1882 at Hartfield


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