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Elizabeth Mays [m.7.3.]

Elizabeth Mays was the third child of George Mays & Phillis Wickenden christened November 19th, 1848 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

In 1851 Elizabeth, her brother & sister & her parents were living at Gate Lodge, Shovelstrode, East Grinstead.

Elizabeth was still living at home in 1861 but her father had died by this time & she was living with her widowed mother, brother Joseph & sister Sarah at the Barracks, East Grinstead.

Elizabeth married Joseph Louis Meadmore on September 39th, 1865 at East Grinstead.  Joseph was born Oct-December 1842 at Pencoyd, Ross, Herefordshire.

In 1871 Elizabeth & Joseph were living at London Rd, Ticehurst, Sussex & Joseph was a stone mason.  They had 2 children – Winifred P (2) & Frederick C (3 months).

In 1881 Elizabeth was found living at 26 York St, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge & with her were children Winifred, Frederick, Ernest (7) & Jane E (4).  Husband Joseph was lodging at 155 Angelina St, Aston, Birmingham, his occupation still a stone mason.  He was lodging with Mary & Frederick Abbott, an out of business shopkeeper, & family.

By 1891 Elizabeth & Joseph were living together at 51 West St, East Grinstead & Joseph continued to be a stone mason.  They had 5 children at home – Winifred, Frederick, a stone mason, Ernest, a cabinet maker’s apprentice, Jane & Margaret E (4).

Elizabeth & Joseph were still at 51 West St in 1901 & with them was Elizabeth’s mother, Phillis.  Phillis was now widowed for a second time – her second husband being Samuel Dennis.  Joseph was still a stone mason.

Joseph died in Jan-March 1902 at East Grinstead, aged 59.

Daughter Jane Emma married Thomas Smith in 1904 at East Grinstead.

In 1911 widowed Elizabeth was living with daughter Jane Emma, & husband Thomas Smith, a postman.  They were living at 51 West St, where Elizabeth had lived for at least 20 years.  Jane & Thomas had a 5 year old daughter, Maisie Winifred.

Elizabeth died in Jan-March 1923, aged 74, at East Grinstead.

The children of Elizabeth Mays & Joseph Louis Meadmore were:

m.7.3.1  Edith Ellen Meadmore christened July 18th, 1867 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died July-September 1867 at East Grinstead
m.7.3.2  Winifred Phillis Meadmore christened October 25th, 1868 at East Grinstead, Sussex
m.7.3.3  Frederick Charles Meadmore born Jan-march 1871 at Ticehurst, Sussex
m.7.3.4  Ernest Harrison Meadmore born April-June 1873 at Crawley, Sussex
m.7.3.5  Jane Emma Meadmore born July-September 1876 at Chesterton, Cambridgeshire
m.7.3.6  Harry Meadmore born April-June 1880 at Cambridgeshire; died April-June 1880 at Cambridgeshire m.7.3.7 Margaret Effie Meadmore christened August 6th, 1886 at East Grinstead, Sussex


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