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Jonathan Speed [sp.]

Jonathan Speed was the sixth child of John Roxby Speed & Hannah Wheatley born August 27th, 1867 at Easington Lane, Co Durham.

In 1871 the family were living at High St, Hetton-le-Hole, Co Durham where Jonathan’s father was a coal miner.  Sadly his father died 6 years later.

The 1881 census shows Jonathan living at home, Richard St, Hetton-le-Hole with his widowed mother who was a grocer.  Jonathan was as a scholar & there were 2 brothers & a sister still at home.

Jonathan married Annie Maria Brough on October 27th, 1890 at Brandon, Co Durham.  Annie Maria was born May 2nd, 1868 at Hawthorn, Co Durham.

Jonathan & Annie Maria were living at East Avenue, Hetton-le-Hole in 1891 & Jonathan was now a butcher.

By 1901 Jonathan & Annie were living at Richard St, Hetton-le-Hole where Jonathan was working as a butcher from home.  They had 3 children by this time – George (8), John W (6) & Jonathan (1).

The family were still at High Richard St in 1911 & Jonathan continued to work as a butcher from home.  Son George was now a coal miner putter, John William was a butcher’s assistant & Jonathan was at school.  They now had 2 daughters – Mary Effie (9) & Annie Maria (7).

In 1914 son George married Isabella Young at South Hetton.

Son John William married Annie E Shaw in 1918 at Houghton-le-Spring.

An announcement in the Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette of August 20th, 1918 shows that son Jonathan, serving as a private, was listed as a prisoner of war.  Jonathan survived the war however, became a butcher like his father & married Jane Cambell in 1923 at Houghton-le-Spring.

Daughter Mary Effie married Harry Smith in 1922 in Houghton-le-Spring but sadly died just 2 years later.

Daughter Annie Maria married William Henry Dearling, a petty officer in the Royal Navy in 1927 in Wandsworth, London.  Annie accompanied her husband William on a number of voyages as far distant as Australia, giving her home address as 2 Lee Terrace, Hetton-le-Hole.

Daughter Norah married Leslie Green, a hairdresser, in 1937.

The 1939 register shows Annie & Jonathan living at 1 Lee Terrace, Hetton & Jonathan was now a retired butcher.

Annie, aged 75, died at 1 Lee Terrace, Hetton-le-Hole on November 4th, 1943 & was buried on November 8th at St Nicholas, Hetton-le-Hole.  Administration of her estate was granted to husband Jonathan & her effects were £385.10s.

Jonathan, aged 81, died at 2 Lee Terrace, Hetton-le-Hole on January 14th, 1949 & was buried on January 17th at St Nicholas, Hetton-le-Hole.  Administration of his estate was granted to Robert Muckle, retired joiner & his effects were £1,414.15s.9d.

The children of Jonathan Speed & Annie Maria Brough were:

sp. George Speed born August 14th, 1891 at Hetton-le-Hole; died July-September 1966 in Durham

sp.  John William Speed born May 4th, 1895 at Hetton-le-Hole; died Oct-December 1967 in Durham

sp.  Jonathan Speed born July 26th, 1899 at Hetton-le-Hole; died Jan-March 1966 in Sunderland

sp.  Mary Effie Speed born Oct-December 1901 at Hetton-le-Hole; died at 37 High Richard St, Hetton-le-Hole & buried June 10th, 1924 at St Nicholas, Hetton-le-Hole

sp.  Annie Maria Speed born September 7th, 1903 at Hetton-le-Hole; died December 9th, 1973 at 9 Cornaway La Portchester, Fareham, Hants

sp.  Charles Robert Speed born Oct-December 1906 at Hetton-le-Hole, died at John St, Hetton-le-Hole & buried June 12th, 1907 at St Nicholas, Hetton-le-Hole

sp.  Norah Brough Speed born July 9th, 1914 at Hetton-le-Hole; died Jan-March 1992 at Sunderland, Co Durham




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