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Dimmock Alphabetical Index


Alfred Dimmock 1842- [d.3]

Alfred Dimmock 1866-1952 m. (1) Elizabeth Hopkins 1862-1925 (2) Ada Briggs 1873-1948 [d.4.1]

Alfred George Dimmock 1899-1899 [d.4.1.2]

Andrea Dimmock [d.]

Ann Dimmock 1848-1849 [d.5]

Arthur Charles Dimmock 1879-1955 m. Edith Kate Webster 1879-1936 [d.9.1]

Arthur Dimmock 1865-1866 [d.14]

Carole Dimmock [d.]

Charles Dimmock 1851- [d.8]

David Dimmock 1817-1902 m. (1) Mary Halsey c1821-<1848 (2) Mary Adams 1824-1918 [d.]

David Dimmock 1853-1892 m. Ann Tillcock 1851-1916 [d.9]

David Dimmock 1894-1896 [d.12.6]

Doris Marie Dimmock 1895-1921 [d.4.1.1]

Edith Dimmock 1900-1902 [d.12.8]

Edward Price Dimmock 1934-1989 m. Freda Wilson [d12.2.1.3]

Ellen Dimmock 1868-1952 m. Ernest John Mitchell 1869-1932 [d.4.2]

Emma Dimmock 1849-1934 [d.6]

Emma Dimmock 1877-1954 m. James Riseborough 1878-1955 [d.12.1]

Ethel Jane Dimmock 1885-1963 m. Frederick Walter Powell c1886- [d.9.3]

Fanny Dimmock 1857-1946 m. Ralph Harding 1858-1935 [d.11]

Frederick Dimmock 1897-1897 [d12..7]

Frederick Dimmock 1916-1993 m. Irene Cummings [d.12.2.3]

George Alfred Dimmock 1902-1990 m. Edith Annie Whittingham [d.4.1.4]

George Dimmock 1839-1897 m. Phoebe Woolmer 1839-1915 [d.2]

George Thomas Dimmock 1862-1864 [d.2.1]

Gordon Dimmock 1930-c2000 m. Elsie Lilley [d.]

Jennifer Dimmock [d.]

John Charles Dimmock 1882-1963 m. (1) Hannah Cansfield 1885-1934 (2) Naomi Victoria Calvert 1887-1979 [d.12.2]

John Charles Dimmock 1937- m. Margaret Ann Smith [d.]

John Dimmock 1907-1986 m. Margaret Jane Price 1910-2001 [d.12.2.1]

John Dimmock 1932-1997 m. Joyce Davison [d.]

John Dimmock 1859-1931 m. Eliza Ellis 1860-1941 [d.12]

Kate Dimmock 1870-1953 m. Sydney Charles Lawrence 1869-1926 [d.4.3]

Keith Dimmock 1948- m. Anita L Webster [d.]

Lizzy Dimmock 1855-1931 [d.10]

Male Dimmock 1869- [d.2.3]

Martha Dimmock 1862-1954 m. Edward Gentle 1862-1947 [d.13]

Martha Maria Dimmock 1892-1894 [d.12.5]

Mary Ann Dimmock 1865- m. James John White [d.2.2]

Mary Dimmock 1837-1919 m. William Dell 1838-1888 [d.1]

Mary Dimmock 1890-1976 m. Edward Chapman c1889- [d.12.4]

Maud Annie Dimmock 1881-1965 m. Arthur H Gibbons [d.9.2]

Sarah Ann Dimmock 1886-1949 m. Robert Speed Pallister 1886-1970 [d.12.3]

Sarah Dimmock 1909-1989 m. John Carr [d.12.2.2]

Stella Emily Dimmock 1900-1902 [d.4.1.3]

Susan Dimmock 1849- [d.7]

Thomas Harwood Cansfield Dimmock 1919-1990 m. Margaret Bramwell -1987 [d.12.2.4]

William Dimmock 1843-1918 m. Mary Ann Peacock 1846-1894 [d.4]



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