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Terminology Detail: Explanation of numbering:

Each person listed on a tree has been given an identification.

For example the first member of the Horton tree, William Horton, has been given a letter [h] but left unnumbered.

The next generation is numbered as follows: [h.1] for Henry, son of William.

The twelve children of son Henry are identified by [h.1.1] to [h.1.12]. Therefore Sarah, the first child of Henry is [h.1.1] whereas Richard, the seventh child is [h.1.7].

The next generation is identified by three numbers: e.g. [h.1.7.1] for Sarah, the first child of Richard.

This is how it works: John Denys Horton (me) is [h.], which identifies that I am the second child of Denys [h.], the second child of Denys snr [h.], the first child of Richard [h.1.7.3], the third child of Richard snr [h.1.7], the seventh child of Henry [h.1], the child of William [h].


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