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Daniel Barnett [b.2.4.5]

Our thanks go to Lorraine Wuth & Rodd Perry, descendants of Daniel Barnett, for information on his life in Australia & for photographs.

Daniel Barnett was the fifth child of George Barnett & Mary Brangwin born July 22nd, 1816 at Hambleden, & christened January 12th, 1817 at Pheasant’s Hill Independent Chapel, Hambleden, Bucks.

In 1841 Daniel was living with his widowed mother Mary, a butcher, and his youngest sister, Eliza at Hart St, Henley-on-Thames.

Daniel married Elizabeth Dreweatt by licence on April 19th, 1849 at St Mary’s Reading, Berks.  Witnesses at the wedding were Joseph Bruce, A.S. Dreweatt, Eliza Barnett, & Elizabeth’s sister, Sarah Ann Dreweatt.  Elizabeth was christened August 17th, 1823 at Headington, Oxford, the daughter of Sarah Ann Swallow & John Dreweatt,

Daniel & Elizabeth left England on the ‘Travencore’ from Plymouth & London arriving in Geelong, Australia on November 1st 1849, after stopping in New Zealand.  The ships record shows that Daniel was a clerk who worked for £40.  Elizabeth was a dress maker.  The weather was good on the journey & all the passengers had interest in land, arranged by Dr Lang who was instrumental in encouraging young people to emigrate & populate Australia.  The amount of land given to immigrants was proportional to the amount they paid for the trip.

Daniel & Elizabeth made their first home at You Yang, just outside of Geelong, near Melbourne, Victoria.  Daniel carried shoes between Geelong & Bendigo for people in the gold fields. Daniel & Elizabeth had 4 sons & 4 daughters, but sadly only the sons survived. 

In 1860 Daniel travelled for 3 days from You Yang to South Brighton in a horse & cart where he purchased 100 acres of land & a house on Wickham Rd.  The family state that Elizabeth drove a horse & dray containing the children.  Here Daniel worked the land as a market gardener & eventually he divided the land between his 4 sons who carried on market gardening. 

Daniel & Elizabeth

Daniel died, aged 79, on April 22nd, 1895 at Wickham Rd, South Brighton.  He was buried in the Old Cheltenham Cemetery, Victoria on April 23rd, 1895.  His death certificate revealed he was a gardener & the cause of death was senile decay.  In his will he bequeathed to the children of his deceased son Francis that portion of land consisting of 24 acres situated in the corner of Spring & Wickham Rds of South Brighton, when the youngest becomes of age. 

Elizabeth died, aged 78, on July 16th, 1901 at South Brighton & was buried alongside Daniel in Old Cheltenham Cemetery.  Her sister, Sarah Ann, was also buried in the same grave.

The children of Daniel Barnett & Elizabeth Dreweatt were:

b.  Elizabeth Ellen Barnett born May 14th, 1850 at Bendigo; died June 16th, 1856 at Geelong, Victoria
b.  Mary Anne Barnett born June 14th, 1852 at Kyneton, Victoria; died March 14th, 1854 at Bendigo
b.  Francis Barnett born March 3rd, 1854 at Bendigo; died February 24th, 1884 at Prahran, Victoria
b.  Emily Barnett born December 21st, 1855 at White Hills, Bendigo; died June 30th, 1861 at Geelong, Victoria
b.  Edwin James Barnett born September 1857 at Geelong; died March 14th, 1925 at 139 Thomas St, Hampton, Victoria
b.  William Henry Barnett born September 28th, 1859 at Geelong; died June 4th, 1919 at Moorabbin, Victoria
b.  George Barnett born July 4th, 1861 at Geelong; died February 4th , 1902 at Sandringham, Victoria
b.  Mary Jane Barnett born December 15th, 1863 at Moorabbin, Victoria; died February 25th, 1864 at Cheltenham, Victoria



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