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Eva May Barnett [b.]

Eva May Barnett was the only child of Thomas Barnett and Thomasine Christina Matthews, born on May 1st, 1858 in Badger, Shropshire and christened on July 25th, 1858 at Remenham, Berks. Her mother died soon after Eva's birth.

At the time of the 1861 census, Eva May was living with her grandparents, Joseph and Hannah Barnett, at Common Barn Farm, Horseshoe Common, Remenham. She was 2 years old.

In the 1871 census Eva May (Barnet) was living with her widowed grandmother Hannah, listed as Anna O Barnet, a 66 year old annuitant. They were at 10 Linzan St, St Mary, Reading.

The 1881 census gave Eva May's occupation as an annuitant. Her grandparents had provided for her upkeep in their wills. She was visiting Henry Gibbons, a retired yeoman, and his family at Loxboro House, Bledlow, Bucks, and she was 22 years old and single.

In 1891 Eva May was living at Grange Farm, Saunderton, Bucks, with William Barnett, son of William Barnett [b.2.8] & Ann Matthews, (i.e. a cousin of her father). She was listed as his housekeeper.

In 1901 she was matron in a Home for aged women at Stone St, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Eva was a beneficiary & executrix of the will & codicils of ‘aunt’ Susan Elizabeth Barnett [b.2.8.5] in 1905. By the time of Susan’s death, Eva May had become involved with the Tramps Mission which had been founded by Susan in 1884.  Eva May became Treasurer of the Mission based in Cheltenham.

In 1911 Eva was a lady's companion to Wilhelmina Alexa Anne Duncan & her sister Mary, both spinsters, who were living at 1Delabere, Tivoli Rd, Cheltenham, Gloucs. There were 2 servants & the house had 11 rooms.

Eva died on April 29th, 1915 at Moray Croft, Parkplace, Cheltenham, Gloucs, aged 56. After a service at St James’ Church, the funeral took place at  Cheltenham Cemetery on May 3rd,  & her remains were interred in the same grave as her late ‘Aunt’,  Miss Susan Barnett, foundress of the Tramps’ Mission.  Among the chief mourners were Miss Duncan of Moraycroft with whom Eva lived.

Administration of Eva’s estate was granted to Miss Wilhelmina Alexa Anne Duncan on May 26th, 1915 & her effects were £153.0s.10d.   Eva's will mentions a number of family members:
• cousin Elizabeth Gertrude Sampson [b.] of Gorse Moor Southborough near Tunbridge Wells;
• cousin Cicely Sampson [b.] of Castle Morris Knocklopher, Kilkenny;
• 'cousin' and godchild Frances Mary Eva Dulley [b.] of Park View, Wooburn, Bucks; and
• late 'aunt' Miss Susan Barnett [b.2.8.5] foundress of the Tramps Mission.


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