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We are grateful to John Dimmock's son John Charles (known as Charlie) & grandson Colin for providing illustrations & information on this page

John Dimmock [d.12.2.1]

John Dimmock was the first child of John Charles Dimmock & Hannah Cansfield born October 6th, 1907 at Ryhope, Sunderland, Co Durham.

John, known as Jack, served in the army & became a sergeant major. According to his grandson, Colin Dimmock, Jack inherited a short temper from his father!

Left: Jack Right: Dimmock brothers, from left Jack, Fred &Tommy

Jack married Margaret Jane Price on August 31st, 1929 at the Register Office, Sunderland. John, 21, gave his address as 2 Wallace St, Sunderland & Margaret, 18, lived at 79 Ryhope St, Ryhope. Witnesses at the wedding were T.H. Price & S. Dimmock. Margaret was born November 27th, 1910 at Ryhope, the daughter of Edward Price, a coal miner. The Price family were originally from Wales & had settled in Haswell, Co Durham in the 1870s before moving to Ryhope.

Marriage certificate of Jack & Margaret

The 1939 register shows Margaret living at 37 Finsbury St, Sunderland with 4 sons, but only Edward’s name is shown on the register.

Jack died October 23rd, 1986 at Sunderland Royal Infirmary aged 79, & was cremated at Sunderland Crematorium. His coffin was draped with the Union Jack & the last post was played at his funeral. Jack was living at 16 Aged Miners Homes, North Hylton Rd, Sunderland just before his death, the cause of which was renal failure.

Margaret continued to live at the Aged Miners Homes until her death at the age of 91 on December 26th, 2001 at Sunderland Royal Hospital. The cause of death was pneumonia & dementia & the informant was son John Charles Dimmock.

The children of John Dimmock & Margaret Jane price were:

d. Gordon Dimmock born 1930, died c2000
d. John Dimmock born 1932, died 1997
d. Edward Price Dimmock born 1934, died 1989
d. John Charles Dimmock 1937-
d. Keith Dimmock 1948-


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