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We are grateful to Tommy Dimmock's daughter Jennifer & granddaughter Melissa for providing information on this page

Thomas Harwood Cansfield Dimmock [d.12.2.4]

Thomas Harwood Cansfield Dimmock was the fourth child of John Charles Dimmock & Hannah Cansfield born Oct-December 1919 at Sunderland, Co Durham.

Thomas married Margaret Bramwell (known as Peggy) in August 1944 in Sunderland, after being introduced by Peggy’s brother, Bill Bramwell. Thomas and Bill knew each other having served on the same ships during their time in the Royal Navy.

Tommy (Photo courtesy of Colin Dimmock)

An article in the South Shields gazette submitted by Ted Cordery, a messmate of Thomas on the HMS Belfast, states that during the time their ship was ordered to the Tyne for a refit (having been at sea since 1942) he met his future wife Lilian through Thomas:
My messmate, Tommy Dimmock from Sunderland, was to marry a girl named Peggy Bramwell, who lived in Laygate, South Shields. She worked with Lilian Sadler as a riveting team, making jettison petrol tanks for aircraft, so through this couple I came to know my wife.’

Tommy, who worked for a Tyneside engineering firm, & Peggy lived in South Shields & then emigrated to Australia in 1963 with their 3 daughters, Carole, Jennifer & Andrea.

Peggy died in 1987 aged 64 after a stroke and Tommy died 3 years later, aged nearly 70.

The children of Thomas Harwood Cansfield Dimmock and Margaret Bramwell were:

d. Carole Dimmock
d. Jennifer Dimmock
d. Andrea Dimmock


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