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Martha Dimmock [d.13]

Martha Dimmock was born August 5th, 1862 at St Albans, Hertfordshire, the ninth child of Mary Adams & David Dimmock, a timber carter/labourer.

By 1871 the family were living at Lattimore Rd, Tyttenhanger, St Albans.  Her 3 brothers were still at home  as were 2 of her sisters.

 In 1881 Martha was living with her parents at Lattimore Rd, St Albans & working as a hat woman (not straw).  Her older sister Lizzie was still at home.

Martha married Edward Gentle on September 3rd, 1883 at the Parish Church of St Pancras, London.  Edward, a carpenter, was born October 26th, 1862 at St Albans, the son of Caroline & James Gentle, a licensed victualler.  Witnesses at the wedding were David Dimmock & Martha’s sister Lizzie who made her mark.

In 1891 Martha & Edward were living at Park St, St Albans & Edward was working as a carpenter.  They had 3 children by this time – Percy (4), Herbert (listed as Ernest in census) (2) & Ellen (10 months).

In 1894 a tragic accident occurred to son Percy John.  While on his way to school Percy ran out from behind a cart & was run over by a brewer’s dray pulled by 2 horses.  He died from fracture of the skull & loss of blood.  (Herts Advertiser, February 3rd, 1894)

Martha & Edward were still living at Park St in 1901 & Edward was now described as a foreman builder.  The children at home were Herbert (12), (Ellen) May (11), Frank (8), Edie (7), Minnie (5) & Stanley (2).  They also had a boarder Mostyn Frederick Lloyd Tringham (27), a gold blocker (binder).

In 1911 Martha & Edward were living at 2 Stanley Villa, Park St, St Albans & Edward was now described as a carpenter.  Edward’s sister Ellen (50) was living with them & they had 7 children at home in their 6 roomed house who were Herbert, a clerk in the County Council building department, Ellen May, a dressmaker working from home, Frank, a builder’s clerk, Edith Mary, a teacher for the County Council, Minnie, an assistant in a stationery shop, Stanley, a scholar & Cyril George (9).  It was noted on the census that Martha & Edward had had 10 children only 7 of whom were still alive.

Son Frank was co-executor of his uncle’s (Ralph Harding, husband of Fanny Dimmock [d.11]) will in 1935 when he was still working as a builder’s clerk.

The 1939 register shows Martha & Edward living at 41 Park St, Frogmore, St Albans & Edward was described as a builder’s foreman, retired. 

Edward died May 9th, 1947, aged 84, at 41 Park St, St Albans.  Probate was granted to sons Herbert, assistant building foreman, & Stanley, a carpenter.  His effects were £1,302.18s.6d.

Martha died on June 4th, 1954, aged 91, at 41 Park St, St Albans.  Probate was granted to son Herbert Gentle, a retired assistant clerk of works & her effects were £2,089.11s.

The children of Martha Dimmock & Edward Gentle were:

d.13.1  Edward James Gentle born November 30th, 1883 at St Albans & christened January 16th, 1888 at Frogmore, Herts; died January 16th, 1888 at St Albans
d.13.2  Ernest Gentle born April 19th, 1885 at St Albans & christened January 20th, 1888 at Frogmore, Herts;  died January 21st, 1888 at St Albans
d.13.3  Percy John Gentle born September 24th, 1887 at St Albans & christened May 6th, 1888 at Frogmore, Herts; died Jan-March 1894 at St Albans
d.13.4  Herbert Gentle born November 28th, 1888 at St Albans & christened February 3rd, 1889 at Frogmore, Herts
d.13.5  Ellen May Gentle born May 6th, 1890 at St Albans & christened July 6th 1890 at Frogmore, Herts
d.13.6  Frank Gentle born June 3rd, 1892 at St Albans & christened November 6th, 1892 at Frogmore, Herts
d.13.7  Edith Mary Gentle born January 19th, 1894 at St Albans & christened March 4th, 1894 at Frogmore, Herts
d.13.8  Minnie Gentle born September 7th, 1895 at St Albans & christened December 1st, 1895 at Frogmore, Herts
d.13.9  Stanley Gentle born October 17th, 1898 at St Albans; died April-June 1980 at St Albans
d.13.10  Cyril George Gentle born Jan-March 1902 at St Albans




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