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Thomas Ellis [el.5.8.1]

Thomas Ellis was the first child of Job Ellis & Ann (Louisa) Bryan born at Pinxton Wharf & christened November 18th, 1850 at Pinxton, Derby.

In 1861 Thomas was living with his parents, 3 brothers & 2 sisters at Skegby, Notts.

Thomas, a collier, married Annie Holt, aged 17, on August 1st, 1870 at Staveley, Derbyshire.  Annie was born c1853 at Staveley, the daughter of Joseph Holt, a boatman. Witnesses at the wedding were John Wickens & George Mather.

The 1871 census shows Thomas & Annie living at Speedwell, Staveley with their 5 month old daughter, Sarah A.  Thomas was a coal miner.

By 1881 the family were living at Chesterfield Rd, Staveley & as well as Sarah A they had John J (8), Hannah (4) & Joseph T (2).  Thomas was described as a labourer, as was a boarder, Benjamin Green.

There is a death for Annie Ellis, aged 28, who was buried April 8th, 1882 at Staveley.

The children of Thomas Ellis & Annie Holt were:

el.  Sarah Ann Ellis born Oct-December 1870 & christened July 20th, 1871 at Staveley, Derbyshire
el.  John James Ellis born February 5th, 1873 & christened March 27th, 1873 at Staveley; died 1947 at Chesterfield

el.  Florence Ellis christened July 22nd, 1875 at Staveley; buried May 6th, 1879 at Staveley
el.  Hannah Ellis christened September 28th, 1876 at Staveley
el.  Joseph Thompson Ellis born January 25th, 1879, at Chesterfield Road & christened February 17th, 1879 at Staveley

el. Thomas Ellis born at Speedwell & christened September 1st, 1881 at Staveley; died at the Union Workhouse, & buried February 17th, 1883 at Christ Church, Chesterfield (Stonegravels)

Thomas married Charlotte Beardmore on July 17th, 1883 at St Mary & All Saints, Chesterfield.  Both gave their address as Stonegravels & witnesses at the wedding were George Damms & Mary Ann Skidmore.  Charlotte was born Charlotte Elizabeth Renshaw christened October 27th, 1844 at Staveley, the daughter of Sarah & Joseph Renshaw, a farmer.  Charlotte had previously been married to William Beardmore who died in 1881 at Eckington.

In November 1885 son Joseph was admitted to Brimington Central Boys School, & his address was given as Cotterhill Lane.

In 1891 Thomas & his new wife Charlotte were living at Brimington, Chesterfield with 2 children Richard (7) & Charlotte (5).  Thomas was a coal miner.  In July 1891 son Richard was admitted to Brimington Central Boys School & his address at this time was Back St.

Daughter Hannah married Sam Scott on November 18th, 1895 at Staveley.

By 1901 Thomas & Charlotte along with son Richard, colliery labourer & daughter Charlotte were living at Booth St, Brimington.  Thomas was now a cab driver.
Thomas’ daughter Sarah Ann, now married to Joseph Rice, a coal miner, & their 6 children were living at New Village Creswell, Worksop, Notts in 1901 & with them was Sarah Ann’s brother Joseph Thompson Ellis, also a coal miner.

In 1903 an article in the Derbyshire Times & Chesterfield Herald of August 8th reported that was accused of overloading his wagonette by carrying 7 passengers when he was only licensed to carry 5.  Thomas’ defence was that he thought he was allowed to carry any number of people on a ‘special job’ & when he was stopped he was taking a party of bookies to the Chesterfield Races which were on that day.  He was fined 5 shillings & costs.

An amusing article was published in the Derbyshire Courier of August 22nd, 1905.  It stated that Thomas was summoned to Chesterfield Crown Court by his wife Charlotte for assaulting her.  PC Hooker was called to their home & stated that he did not see Thomas strike his wife but he did see her seize & shake her husband.  Thomas then asked the constable to lock him up for protection!  On this evidence the bench dismissed the case & ordered Charlotte to pay 6s.6d. costs.

On Christmas Day 1907 son Richard married Frances Annie Raynor at Whittington, Derby.

Thomas & Charlotte were living alone in 1911 at 17 Pondwell, Brimington.  Thomas had become an omnibus driver.

Charlotte died on February 1st, 1914 at Pondwell, Brimington.  Probate of her estate was granted to son Richard Ellis, coal miner &  John Thomas Dodd, pawnbroker.  Her effects were £1,488.10s & resworn as £1,410.8s.5d.

Thomas died in July-September 1925, his death being registered at Chesterfield.

The 1939 register shows son John James & his wife Sarah living at 31 Station Rd, Blackwell with daughter Nellie, an elementary school teacher & sons John & Stanley, both butchers’ salesmen.
Son Joseph Thompson Ellis, a miner packer, was living at 3 Dover St, Clowne, Derbyshire with his wife Sarah & their son Bernard Joseph, a miner haulage.
The 1939 register also lists son Richard & his wife Frances Annie living at 54 South  St, Chesterfield with their daughter Edith.  Richard was a haulage engine driver below surface.
Daughter Charlotte & her husband Andrew Greenan were living at 7 Pondwell Corner, Brimington in 1939.  Andrew was a lorry driver’s mate (heavy transport) & they had 3 sons at home – Leonard who worked in a chocolate bay, Arnold & Eric, both at school.

The children of Thomas Ellis & Charlotte Elizabeth Beardmore (nee Renshaw) were:

el.  Richard Ellis born December 27th, 1883 at Chesterfield, Derbyshire
el.  Charlotte Ellis born October 9th, 1885 at Chesterfield, Derbyshire; died April-June 1973 at Chesterfield, Derbyshire





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