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Harriet Ellis [el.6.1.7]

Harriet Ellis was the seventh child of John Ellis & Elizabeth Watson born c1837 at Pinxton, Derbyshire.

In 1841 Harriet & her 3 sisters & parents were living in Pinxton where their father John was a coal miner.

In 1851 Harriet was living with her parents & 2 sisters & 2 brothers at Greenwich, Ripley, Derbyshire.

On May 12th, 1856 Harriet married John Cook(e) at All Saints, Ripley.  Both were 19 years of age & witnesses at the wedding were Samuel Alton & Elizabeth Cook. John was born c1837 at Codnor Park, Derbyshire, the son of Elizabeth & John Cook, a labourer at the iron works.

In 1861 Harriet & John were living in Nottingham Rd, St Alkmund, Derbyshire & John was described as an iron moulder.  They had 3 children – James (4), Mary (2) & Henry (3 months).

By 1871 the family were living at Hammersmith, Ripley & John was still an iron moulder.  James & Mary were still at home.

Harriet & John were still living at Hammersmith in 1881 with a son Walter, aged 9.  Living next door was son James, who was a labourer out of work, with his wife Elizabeth & 3 children – George Henry (5), Walter (2) & Mary Elizabeth (1 month).

In 1891 Harriet & John were both still at Hammersmith & John was still working as an iron moulder, as was son Walter.  Son Walter was now married to Ellen (Hannah Ellen Wolvin) & they had a 2 month old son, John H.

They continued to live at Hammersmith, Ripley in 1901 & John was still listed as an iron moulder.  With them was a granddaughter, Nellie (12).  Son Walter & wife Ellen were now living next door with their family & Walter was still an iron moulder.

John, aged 68, died on September 8th, 1905, at Hammersmith, Ripley.

In 1911 widowed Harriet was still living at Hammersmith with son Walter & wife Ellen.  Walter & Ellen had had 13 children who were all living at home!  Walter was still an iron moulder.

Harriet died on August 7th, 1914, at Hammersmith, Ripley.

An obituary for son James mentions that he was a keen musician who played several intstruments. He was one of the first members of the Ripley Volunteer Band & a pioneer of band music at the Belper River Gardens. He was a toolsmith by trade & had served 50 years with the Butterley Co of Ripley. He left 5 sons & 5 daughters.

The children of Harriet Ellis & John Cook(e) were:

el.  James Cooke born Oct-December 1856 at Ripley, Derbyshire; died August 2nd, 1936 at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary
el.  Mary Elizabeth Cooke born Jan-March 1859 at Ripley & christened September 28th, 1871 at All Saints, Ripley, Derbyshire
el.  Henry Cooke born Jan-March 1861 at St Alkmund, Derby; died April-June 1862 at Ripley, Derbyshire
el.  Walter Cooke  born July 31st 1871 at Hammersmith & christened September 28th, 1871 at All Saints, Ripley; died 1949 at Ripley, Derbyshire





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