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Eliza Ellis [el.]

Eliza Ellis was the second child of John Thorpe Ellis & Ann Mills born August 2nd, 1860 at Pinxton, Derbyshire.

Eliza's birth certificate

In 1861 Eliza & her parents & older sister Sarah Ann (2) were living at New Row, Coppull, Lancashire. Her father was a collier.

By 1871 the family had moved to Tibshelf, Nottinghamshire & were living at the Cottage. Eliza now had a younger brother Samuel (6) & a 1 year old cousin was visiting, Sarah A Nix.

At the age of 16, Eliza married Joseph Sanders on April 2nd, 1877 at the Parish Church of Blackwell, Derbyshire. The residence of both Eliza & Joseph at the time of the wedding was given as Blackwell. Witnesses at the wedding were Eliza’s father, John Ellis & her aunt Sarah Ann Gascoigne [el.6.4.7]. Joseph, a collier, was born c1854 at Willenhall, Staffs, the son of Samuel Sa(u)nders, who is noted as a lock maker in censuses but whose occupation is given as collier on the marriage certificate of Joseph & Eliza.

Eliza & Joseph's marriage certificate

At the time of the 1881 census Eliza & Joseph were living at Newton, Blackwell, Derbyshire where Joseph was a coal miner. They had a 3 year old daughter, Emma.

It appears that Joseph & Eliza separated, & there is a record for a Joseph Saunders, a coal miner born in Willenhall, living in Blackwell, Derbyshire in 1891, but he was described as single.  Joseph was boarding with the Phillips family.  In 1901 Joseph was still in Blackwell & again residing with the Phillips family & recorded as single.  The 1911 census records Joseph as widowed but having been married for 33 years and having had 1 child.  This would indicate that he married c1877 which would fit the marriage time of Joseph & Eliza & the birth of Emma.  He was still working as a coal miner & lodging with the Phillips family in Blackwell.   (Interestingly one of the Phillips family was Thomas Phillips, born c1875 in Stonebroom, Derbyshire, who was living with his family in 1891 when Joseph Sanders was a lodger.  This Thomas, now listed as James Phillips, was living with Eliza’s brother Samuel Ellis at the time of the 1911 census of Ryhope, Co Durham.  This suggests a continuing interaction between the Ellis, Sanders & Phillips families.)

The children of Eliza Ellis & Joseph Sa(u)nders were:

d.12.1 Emma Sa(u)nders (Dimmock) born December 12th, 1877 at Malt House Yard, Newton, Blackwell, Derbyshire; died July-September 1954 at Sunderland, Co Durham

Later censuses show that Eliza had married John Dimmock, although so far no marriage record has been found. John Dimmock was born Oct-December 1859 at Sandridge, St Albans, Hertfordshire, the son of Mary Adams & David Dimmock, a timber carter/labourer. Eliza's daughter Emma appears to have been raised as Emma Dimmock.

John & Eliza had moved to Yorkshire by 1882 & at that time they were living at Denisons Fold, Methley,Yorks at the time of the birth of son John Charles.

By 1886 John & Eliza were living at 10 Phillips St, Castleford, Yorks & John was a coal miner. Daughter Sarah Ann was born here.

By 1890 John & Eliza had moved north to Co Durham & were living at 12 Queen St, Ryhope at the time of the birth of their third child Mary. After Mary’s birth John & Eliza had 4 more children all of whom died in infancy – 2 girls who lived for almost 2 years & 2 sons – David who died aged 18 months & Frederick who died aged 8 months.

In 1901 John & Eliza were living at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope, Co. Durham. John was a coal miner/hewer & they had 5 children at home at this time, Emma (23), Charles (18) an underground engine driver, Sarah A (14), Mary (10) & Edith (4 months).

At the time of the 1911 census John was described as a coal miner/hewer & living with him & Eliza were daughter Mary & daughter Sarah Ann & son-in-law Robert Speed Pallister, a bricklayer above ground at the colliery.  Four month old grandson, John McCree Pallister, was also listed with them.  The census reveals that Eliza had had a total of 13 children, only 4 of whom were still living.  Daughter Sarah Ann & her husband Robert Speed Pallister lived with John & Eliza at Tunstall St. along with their children John McCree & Robert Speed Pallister from the time of their marriage in 1907 until about 1920.

The Electoral Registers of Ryhope Colliery from 1920 until 1927 show that living with John & Eliza at Tunstall St were their daughter Mary & her husband Edward Chapman.  In 1929 & 1930 John & Eliza were found at 82 Ryhope St South with their daughter Sarah Ann & husband Robert Speed Pallister.

John died on February 20th, 1931, aged 71, at 82 Ryhope St, South, Ryhope. The cause of death was given as ‘arterio sclerosis accelerated by fracture of thigh accidentally received April 1930’. The informant of the death was son-in-law Robert Speed Pallister.

In 1931 widowed Eliza was still living with Sarah Ann & son-in-law Robert (known as Bob) & they all moved to 13 West View, Ryhope in 1934 where they continued to live until 1939.

Eliza died on January 12th, 1941, aged 80, at 13 West View, Ryhope, the cause of death being heart failure & bronchitis. The informant of the death was her daughter Mary Chapman. Eliza was buried in Ryhope Cemetery.

The children of John Dimmock & Eliza Ellis were:

d.12.2 John Charles Dimmock born July 21st, 1882 at Denisons Fold, Methley, Yorkshire, died September 15th, 1963 at Sunderland
d.12.3 Sarah Ann Dimmock born August 19th, 1886 at 10 Phillips St, Castleford, Yorkshire; died Oct-December 1949 at Ryhope, Co Durham
d.12.4 Mary Dimmock born April 21st,1890 at 12 Queen St, Ryhope, Co. Durham; died July-September 1976 at Sunderland, Co Durham
d.12.5. Martha Maria Dimmock born May 24th, 1892 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope & christened September 17th, 1892 at St Paul’s, Ryhope, died March 7th, 1894 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope
d.12.6. David Dimmock born November 29th, 1894 at 29 Tunstall St., buried June 4th, 1896 at St Paul’s, Ryhope
d.12.7. Frederick Dimmock born April 15th, 1897 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope, buried December 20th, 1897 at St Paul’s, Ryhope
d.12.8. Edith Dimmock born November 7th, 1900 at 29 Tunstall St, Ryhope, Co. Durham, died Oct-December 1902 at Ryhope, Co Durham


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