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John Ellis [el.]

John Ellis was the third child of Maria & Samuel Ellis born June 26th, 1898 at 12 Queens St, Ryhope, Co Durham.

In 1911 John, his parents & 2 sisters and a brother were living at 9 Sunderland Terrace, Ryhope Colliery.  His father was a coal miner examiner.

The electoral register of 1920 shows John living with his widowed father at 9 Sunderland Terrace.

In July-September 1922 John married Nora Fishwick in Sunderland.  Norah was born February 16th, 1897, the daughter of Hannah & John Fishwick.   

The 1939 register shows Nora & John living at 25 Dinsdale St, Ryhope with their daughter Nora & John was a deputy shot firer at the colliery.

Daughter Nora married Donald Linton in July-September 1960 in Durham East.

John died on April 2nd, 1969 at Durham.

Nora died in March 1980 at Grantham, Lincoln.

The children of John Ellis & Nora Fishwick were:

el. Lilian Ellis born April-June 1924 at Ryhope; died April-June 1924 at Ryhope
el. Nora Ellis born October 9th, 1928 at Ryhope




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