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Samuel Ellis [el.]

Samuel Ellis was the child of Catherine Ellis born July-September 1857 at Hucknall Huthwaite, Notts.

Samuel’s mother married James Ashmore in 1859.

In 1861 census Samuel was listed as Samuel Ellis with his mother & half-brother Joseph & half-sister Sarah Ashmore.  They were living with his grandparents, Susannah & Humphrey Ellis at Tibshelf.

Samuel was listed as Samuel Ashmore in the 1871 census & he was working as a factory hand at age 13.  He was living with his mother & step-father, a framework knitter, at Marlow’s Yard, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.  His younger brother Joseph was also working as a factory hand, & as well as Sarah there was now a 2 month old baby sister Mary Elizabeth.

Samuel married Ellen Peat on July 9th 1880, the marriage being registered in Mansfield.  Ellen was born in Oct-December 1858 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, the daughter of Mary Mazeley & George Peat, a framework knitter.  Samuel’s half-sister Sarah Ann Ellis married Ellen’s brother Alfred Peat.

In 1891 Samuel & Ellen were living at 8 Rose Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse & Samuel was a stone mason.  They had 4 children by this time – Mary (8), James (7), Samuel (4) & Elizabeth Ellen (2).  Living with them was brother-in-law James Peat, a labourer. 

Samuel & Ellen were still at 8 Rose Lane in 1901 & Samuel was now described as a bricklayer.  Children at home were Mary, a cotton room hand, James, a wool washer, Samuel, a cotton …. hand, Elizabeth, Edith (9), Humphrey (7), Sarah Ann (2).  Brother-in-law James Peat was still living with them.

Son Samuel married Minnie Shuttleworth in Jan-March 1909 & by 1911 they were living at 39 High St, Mansfield Woodhouse with their 1 year old son, Sidney, & Samuel was a bricklayer.

The family had moved to 35 Albert St, Mansfield Woodhouse by 1911 & Samuel was again described as a stone mason.  At home were Mary, housekeeper, James, a bricklayer’s labourer, Edith, ‘toucherup fancy tins’, Humphrey, pony driver in a coal mine & Sarah Ann, at school.  There was a 28 year old visitor, William Riley, a draper’s assistant. 

Daughter Elizabeth Ellen was living with her uncle James Ashmore & his wife Nellie & their newborn daughter, Mabel in 1911.  They were at 69 High St, Mansfield Woodhouse & Elizabeth worked as a tin box maker.  Elizabeth Ellen married Walter Riley in July-September 1914 & the 1939 register shows them living at 4 Mottram Rd, Beeston & Stapleford, Notts with their family.  Walter was a general labourer but sadly died later that year, aged 54.  Elizabeth was to remarry in 1957, her new husband being Philip Smith. 

An article in the Nottingham Journal of July 10th, 1930 reported on Samuel & Ellen celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  It was noted that they had married in the parish church of Mansfield Woodhouse & that Samuel had been a mason in the service of the Duke of Portland for over 40 years.  They had had 7 children & 21 grandchildren.  Both were in good health but Samuel suffered from deafness.

Samuel, aged 73, died in Jan-March 1931 at Mansfield.

Ellen died in April-June 1934 at Mansfield.

Daughter Edith married Thomas H Bennett in April-June 1916 in Mansfield.  The 1939 register shows them living at 25 Manor Rd, Mansfield Woodhouse.  Thomas was described as incapacitated & they had 6 children at home.

The 1939 register shows son Samuel & Minnie living at ‘Hillside’, Mansfield Woodhouse with their family. Samuel was a foreman bricklayer & daughter Kathleen was working as a shop assistant.

The 1939 register shows son Humphrey & his wife Sarah Ann (nee Wilkinson) who he married in 1917 living at 2 Welbeck Rd, Mansfield Woodhouse with their family & Humphrey was a general labourer. 

The children of Samuel Ellis & Ellen Peat were:

el.  Mary Ellis born April-June 1882 at Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts
el.  James Ellis born April-June 1884 at Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts
el.  Samuel Ellis born June 25th, 1886 at Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts; died August 3rd, 1966 at 28 New Mill Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse
el.  Elizabeth Ellen Ellis born July 18th, 1888 at Mansfield Woodhouse; died March 21st, 1969 at Mansfield Woodhouse
el.  Edith Ellis born June 18th, 1891 at Mansfield Woodhouse
el.  Humphrey Ellis born October 3rd, 1893 at Mansfield Woodhouse; died April-June 1955 at Mansfield, Notts
el.  Sarah Ann Ellis born April-June 1898 at Mansfield Woodhouse




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