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Emma Ellis [el.6.4.8]

Emma Ellis was the eighth child of Susannah Thorpe & Humphrey Ellis christened June 27th, 1850 at Tibshelf, Derbyshire.

In 1851 Emma & her parents were living at Tibshelf where her father was a cotton framework knitter.  She had 2 brothers & 3 sisters at home.

Emma was still at home in 1861 & she had a younger brother & older sister.  The family were still at Tibshelf & her father was now a coal agent.

Emma married Paul Bingham, a mason, on August 14th, 1870 at the parish church of Tibshelf.  Paul was born May 6th 1843 & christened June 4th, 1843 at Tibshelf, the son of Mary Hill & George Bingham, a mason.  Witnesses at the wedding were Sampson Bingham & Elizabeth Ashmore.  Emma made her mark on the wedding register & Paul signed his name.

In 1871 Emma & Paul were living with Paul’s brother John Bingham, a coal miner, & his family in Tibshelf.  Emma & Paul, a bricklayer, had a 6 month old baby, George.

Emma & Paul, still a bricklayer, were living at Tibshelf St, Tibshelf in 1881 with son George, Richard (8), Albert (5), Mary A (4), Sarah A (2) & Charlotte (4 months).  Paul’s brother John & family were living next door.

The family had moved to Stonebroom, Shirland, Derbyshire by 1891 & Paul was still a bricklayer.  At home were George, Richard & Albert, all coal miners, Agnes (Sarah A), Charlotte & new arrivals Thomas (8) & Phebe H (6).

Paul died aged 53 on September 3rd, 1895 at Stonebroom Lane, Shirland.

The children of Emma Ellis & Paul Bingham were:

el.  George Bingham born October 4th, 1870 & christened January 8th, 1871 at Tibshelf
el.  Richard Bingham born April 7th, 1872 & christened September 6th, 1874 at Tibshelf
el.  Albert Bingham christened September 6th, 1874 at Tibshelf
el.  Luke Bingham christened April 7th, 1876 at Tibshelf; died April-June 1876 at Tibshelf
el.  Mary Ann Bingham born Jan-March 1877 & christened August 26th, 1878 at Tibshelf
el.  Sarah Agnes Bingham born Jan-March 1879 & christened October 21st, 1879 at Tibshelf
el. Charlotte Bingham  born Jan-March 1881 & christened March 2nd, 1881 at Tibshelf
el. Paul Bingham born christened March 21st, 1883 at Tibshelf; died April-June 1884 at Blackwell
el. Tom Bingham born July-September 1884 & christened September 3rd, 1884 at Tibshelf
el. Phoebe Hill Bingham born Jan-March 1886 & christened July 7th, 1886 at Tibshelf


On May 1st, 1897 Emma of West St, Stonebroom, married for the second time.  Her new husband was Daniel Moore, a miner of Stonebroom.  Daniel was born April-June 1864 at Thringstone, Leicestershire, the son of Elizabeth & Joseph Moore, a miner.  Witnesses at the wedding were Herbert Hadfield & Christina Marsbery?

The 1901 census shows Emma & Daniel, a coal hewer, living at Stonebroom, Shirland.  With them were Emma’s children Thomas, a coal miner & Phoebe.  Also with them was a 1 year old ‘son-in-law’ Paul Bingham & Daniel’s widowed mother, Elizabeth Moore.

Emma & Daniel, still a coal hewer, were living at Royal Oak Yard, Stonebroom in 1911.  With them were was Daniel’s son John Moore (30) & his wife Agnes & their 5 children.  Also still with them was Paul Bingham aged 11 & now listed as grandson.

Emma died aged 75, at Stonebroom & was buried October 7th,1925 at Shirland.

Daniel died in December 1928 aged 64, & was buried on January 2nd, 1929 at Stonebroom, Derbyshire.




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