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Albert Percy Fry [f.]

Albert Percy Fry was the third child of Frederick Samuel Fry & Alice Maud Witkowski born September 7th, 1911 at Curragh, Co Cork, Ireland.

Albert married Olive Rosina May on January 26th, 1935 at Devonport, Plymouth, Devon. Olive was born May 27th, 1912 in Devonport, the daughter of Elizabeth Rosina Goddard & Richard Henry May.

Left: Albert Percy Right: Alice Maud with son Albert & grandchildren c1941

(Photos courtesy of Debbie Prout)

Albert & Olive had 5 children (3 sons & 2 daughters). One of their daughters, Mavis Georgina, who was born in 1939 died in June 1978 at Plymouth, Devon.

The 1939 register shows Olive & 2 children living at the Drill Hall, Uckfield, Sussex and with her was her mother-in-law, Alice Maude Fry. 

Albert Percy died in August 1989 at Plymouth, Devon.

Olive died November 1990 at Plymouth, Devon.


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