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Edwin George Fry [f.3.1.10]

Edwin George Fry was the third child of William Fry & Harriett Sargent born October 25th, 1870 at Netherfield, Battle, Sussex.

In 1871 Edwin was living with his parents, brothers & sisters & step brothers & sisters at Rats Farm, Netherfield, Battle.

In 1881 & 1891 Edwin was still at home with his family now at Boyles Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Edwin married Esther Bonwick in Jan-March, 1892 at East Grinstead. Esther was born April 5th, 1868 at Lingfield, Surrey, the daughter of Elizabeth & Charles Bonwick, an agricultural labourer.

In 1901 Edwin & Esther were living at Brockhurst West Lodge, East Grinstead & Edwin was a farm bailiff. They had 4 children at this time, William (8), Louis (6), Edith (5) & Frederick (10 months). There were 2 farm workers boarding with them & a domestic servant.

By 1911 Edwin & Esther had moved to The Plat, Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey & Edwin was now a gardener. At home with them were sons Louis, a garden labourer, Frederick Henry, at school & daughter Queen Ella (3). Daughters Edith Esther & Elsie Elizabeth (5) were with their grandfather, Charles Bonwick, a 70 year old widower, at the time of the census. He was an old age pensioner & lived next door to Edwin & Esther at The Plat. Eldest son William was an assistant gardener lodging with Douglas Maclean, a hairdresser, at The Plat, next door to grandfather Charles Bonwick. Presumably the family had been split up because there was not enough room at the parent's home which only had 3 rooms.

On the 1911 census form Edwin noted that he & Esther had 8 children born alive, only 6 of which were surviving.

Son William served in the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment during WW1.  During this time he received severe facial wounds which resulted in his eventual discharge from the regiment.  His brother Louis served with the 8th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment during WW1.  Sadly he died on October 26th, 1918 while being held as a prisoner of war in Germany.

Daughter Edith married Peter Walls, a locomotive fireman, on November 5th, 1921 at St John’s, Dormansland.  Witnesses at the wedding included, her father Edwin, & sisters Elsie Elizabeth & Queenie Ella. In 1939 Edith & Peter & their family were living at Sunnyside, Woolborough Rd, Cuckfield.

Son William married Frances Victoria Fisher in Oct-December 1924 in Petersfield, Sussex.  In 1939 William & Frances & their family were living at 12 Geddere Cottage, Godstone & William was still working as a gardener.

Daughter Elsie married Sydney James Leppard, a cowman, on May 19th, 1928 at St John’s, Dormansland.    In 1939 they were living at 1 Pine Cottage, Godstone.

Daughter Queen Ella married Herbert William Wood, a labourer, on November 12th, 1932 at St John’s, Dormansland.  A witness at the wedding was her brother-in-law, Sydney Leppard.

The 1939 register shows Edwin & Esther living at Crowhurstland Cottages, Godstone, Surrey.  Edwin was a jobbing gardener & with them was daughter Agnes.

Son Frederick & his wife Edith Emma M (nee Wilkinson) were living at 3 Ford Cottages, Godstone in 1939 & he was an agricultural labourer.

There is a death for Esther Fry, aged 74, in April-June 1942 in Surrey.

There is a death for Edwin G Fry, aged 85, in April-June 1956 in Surrey.

Daughter Agnes did not marry until Jan-March 1957.  Her husband was Alfred Simmons & they married in Surrey.

The children of Edwin George Fry & Esther Bonwick were:

f. William George Fry christened June 11th, 1893 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died April 6th, 1961 at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead
f. Edwin Louis Fry christened September 30th, 1894 at Balcombe, Sussex; died October 26th, 1918 in Germany
f. Edith Esther Fry born February 7th, 1896 at Lingfield & christened March 22nd at St John’s, Dormansland, Surrey; died February 15th, 1947 at Sunnyside, Cuckfield
f. Frederick Henry Fry born May 22nd, 1900 at East Grinstead, & christened July 22nd, 1900 at St John’s, Dormansland; died April-June 1971 in Surrey
f. Elsie Elizabeth Fry born July 9th, 1905 & christened August 6th, 1905 at St John’s, Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey; died April-June 1976 in Tonbridge, Kent

f. Queen Ella Fry born April-June 1907 at Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey; died April-June 1935 in Surrey

f. Agnes Amelia Fry born November 13th, 1913 at Godstone, Surrey; died Oct-December 1979 in Surrey


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