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Anne Jane Fry [f.3.1.2]

Anne Jane Fry was the second child of William Fry & Anne Fry born April-June, 1851 at Lingfield, Surrey. 

In 1851 Anne and her parents and older brother were living at Moor House, Lingfield, Surrey.

By 1861 Anne, listed as Jane in the census , her two younger sisters and three younger brothers  and their parents had moved to Dennets Road, Deptford, Greenwich.

Anne’s mother had died by 1866, when her father remarried, his new wife being Harriett  Sargent.

 In 1871 Anne’s father William was now a farmer of 200 acres employing 3 men & 3 boys  at Rats Farm, Netherfield, Battle, Sussex.  Anne, listed as Annie J on the census, was still living at home with her father and step-mother .

Anne married Ebenezer Huggett on September 30th, 1878 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster. Ebenezer was born in 1854 in Lingfield, Surrey, the son of Jane Dann and William Huggett.

Anne Jane and Ebenezer were living at Sullendon Farm, Lingfield in 1881, where Ebenezer was a farmer of 95 acres. They had a son Samuel W, aged one and a 3 week old baby Ebenezer.  Anne and Ebenezer must have had a change of heart about the name of their new baby, as he was registered as Frank Marcus. With them was grandmother Jane Huggett and they had a farm servant, James Cooper.

Anne Jane died in October-December, 1888, her death being registered at Godstone, Surrey.

The children of Anne Jane Fry and Ebenezer Huggett were:

f.  Samuel William Huggett born October-December 1879 at Cowden, Kent; died October-December, 1908 at Portsmouth, Hants.
f.  Frank Marcus Huggett born April-June 1881 at Lingfield, Surrey; died February 23rd, 1963 in Surrey.

f.  Ruth Anne Huggett born April-June 1882  in Reigate, Surrey; died July-September 1889 at Godstone, Surrey
f. Ebenezer Stephen Huggett born Jan-March 1884 at Burstow, Surrey; died September 30th, 1964 at Ealing, Middlesex.
f. Grace Martha Huggett born October-December 1885 at Horne, Surrey; died November 2nd, 1961 at Guildford, Surrey.

f.  Lucy Naomi Huggett born Oct-December 1888 at Godstone, Surrey; died Jan-March 1891 at Godstone, Surrey

Ebenezer subsequently married Alice Margarite  Browne (nee Poland) in January-March 1890 at Godstone, Surrey. In 1891 Ebenezer and Alice were living at The Street, Puttenham, Surrey and Ebenezer was now described as an agricultural labourer.  At home were  Enenezer’s children  Samuel, Frank, Ebenezer (7) and Grace (5) and Alice and Ebenezer now had a son Herbert (10 months). Also listed with them in the census was a stepson Robert Brown, aged 5, Alice’s son from her first marriage to David Browne.

In 1901 Ebenezer and Alice were living at Christmas Pie, Ash, Surrey and Ebenezer was now a stockman on the farm. Stepson Robert Brown, a railway lamp boy, was still with them and as well as son Herbert they now had Percy (9) and Bessie (5). Visiting them was Fred Gale, a clergyman.

Ebenezer (aged 55) died in July-Sept 1909 in Guildford, Surrey.

In 1911 widowed Alice was still living at Christmas Pie, Ash and Normandy, with sons Herbert, a greengrocer’s labourer, Percy, a woodman’s labourer, and daughter Bessie. They had 2 farm labourers lodging with them.



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