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Elizabeth Fry [f.4]

Elizabeth Fry was the fourth child of William Fry & Hannah Killick born Frant & christened April 15th, 1791 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

Elizabeth married William Stone on July 8th, 1814 at Frant. William was the son of Henry & Ann Stone, born October 31st, 1787 at Frant. Their first son James William was christened on July 23rd, 1815 in Frant. There then followed over the next 12 years 7 more sons – John, Henry, George, Thomas, Daniel, Jeffery & Stephen!!

In 1851 William, a farm labourer, & Elizabeth were living at Tangiers Road, Frant. They had 2 sons living with them – Henry, a bricklayers labourer & George, a farm labourer.

In 1861 Elizabeth, William & son Henry were still living at Tangiers Road.

William died, aged 77, in 1862 & was buried on September 7th, 1862 in Frant.

In 1871 widow Elizabeth was living with son Stephen, a farm labourer aged 42 at Tangiers Road. Elizabeth was in receipt of parochial relief.

Elizabeth died, aged 78, in 1871 & was buried on November 16th, 1871 in Frant.

The children of Elizabeth Fry & William Stone were:

f.4.1 James William Stone christened July 23rd, 1815 at Frant
f.4.2 John Stone christened December 22nd, 1816 at Frant
f.4.3 Henry Stone christened December 22nd, 1819 at Frant
f.4.4 George Stone christened January 27th, 1822 at Frant
f.4.5 Thomas Stone christened May 18th, 1823 at Frant
f.4.6 Daniel Stone christened June 19th, 1825 at Frant
f.4.7 Jeffery Stone christened October 29th, 1826 at Frant
f.4.8 Stephen Stone christened May 18th, 1828 at Frant


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