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Ann Fry [f.6]

Ann Fry was the sixth child of William Fry & Hannah Killick christened April 16th, 1800 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

She married William Martin on August 22nd, 1824 at East Grinstead. Witnesses at the wedding were William Green & Fanny Martin. William was born 1796 at East Grinstead. Their first daughter Ann was born in 1825 at East Grinstead. There followed William, Robert, Hannah & Sarah from 1828 to 1838.

In 1841 Ann & William, a farm labourer, were living at Braggs Hill, East Grinstead with children Ann William Robert & Sarah. Hannah may have died in 1838. Daughter Mary Ann was born in 1843.

By 1851 William & Ann were living at Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead with daughters Sarah & Mary Ann.

William died in 1853, aged 58, & was buried on June 22nd, 1853 in East Grinstead.

By 1861 Ann was a widow and was living with her brother John Fry at Beeches Farm and was described as a land proprieter.

The children of Ann Fry & William Martin were:

f.6.1. Ann Martin christened January 2nd, 1825 at East Grinstead
f.6.2. William Martin christened April 8th, 1827 at East Grinstead
f.6.3. Robert Martin christened December 20th, 1829 at East Grinstead
f.6.4. Hannah Martin christened August 19th, 1832 at East Grinstead; died Jan-March 1838, Cuckfield?
f.6.5. Sarah Martin christened November 25th, 1838 at East Grinstead
f.6.6. Mary Ann Martin christened September 10th, 1843 at East Grinstead


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