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Elizabeth Fry [f.7.3]

Elizabeth Fry was the third child of Robert Fry & Jane Burtenshaw christened August 1st, 1841 at St. Mary’s parish church, Hartfield.

Elizabeth was living at home at Hart’s farm in 1851. In 1861 she was visiting an aunt & uncle – Mary & James Pickard, a farmer, at Rusper, Sussex.

She married John Hudson on November 9th, 1870 at St Mary’s, Hartfield. John was born on December 3rd, 1837, the eighth of 11 children born to Edmund Hudson & Mercy Edwards (Mercy was the sister of Robert Edwards whose daughter Mary Edwards married Elizabeth’s brother Robert Fry). Edmund Hudson was a carpenter living in 1841 at Claypits Farm, Ashdown Forest, Hartfield, became a farmer at Lee Lands Farm, Groombridge in 1851 & then moved to Streets Farm, Hartfield in the late 1870’s.

In 1871 Elizabeth & John were living with her father Robert Fry at Harts Farm. Her brother William Fry was also living at the farm & there was a domestic servant Fanny Gurr & 2 farm servants – John Hill & Isaac Rye.

By 1881 Elizabeth & John were living with John’s parents who had moved to Hunts Farm, Withyham. Edmund & Mercy are both buried at St Marys, Hartfield, Mercy died in 1882, aged 81 & Edmund died in the following year, aged 82.

Edmund & Mercy Hudson's headstone at St Mary's, Hartfield


By 1881 Elizabeth had given birth to 5 children, the first 2 of which sadly died in infancy. George Edmund (6), Mary Elizabeth (3) & Annie Mercy (1) were with their parents at Hunts Farm, as were John’s brother George Hudson & a servant Emily Hudson.

Hunts Farm -2005

By 1891 John & Elizabeth were the sole occupants of the 170 acre Hunts Farm, but still living with them was John’s older brother George. Daughters Mary & Annie & another daughter Alice J, 9 years old, were at home. A visitor was also noted – Agnes E McKenzie (32).

On July 4th, 1898 John & Elizabeth’s nephew, Robert Fry [7.2.1],  who had been living with the family died at Hunts Farm.

In 1901 John (63) & Elizabeth (60) were still at Hunts Farm with daughters Elizabeth M (name reversed from Mary Elizabeth!), a dressmaker, Annie & Alice. John’s brother George (69) was still at the farm & noted as a retired farmer. Also with them was a farm student & nephew – William Fry – son of Elizabeth’s brother Robert Fry [7.2.2] & his second wife Alice Fuller. William was to marry John & Elizabeth's daughter Mary Elizabeth, his cousin, in 1903. In another dwelling on the farm was living John & Elizabeth’s son George E Hudson, now married to Kate Esther Walter, a dressmaker.

John & Elizabeth left Hunts Farm & went to live in Surrey. Elizabeth died in Jan-March 1911, aged 69, her death being registered at Reigate (includes Burstow).

In 1911 widowed John was farming at Dowlands Farm, Burstow, Reigate, Surrey. With him was son George who was also working on the farm. George & his wife Kate appeared not to have any children, but listed with them was a 9 year old niece, Kathleen Morris. Acting as housekeeper for them all was John's daughter, Alice Jane. Also living with them was farm worker, Henry Etherington, a cowman.

John died on June 8th, 1912, aged 74, at Dowlands Farm, Burstow & probate was granted on July 4th, 1912 to son George Edmund Hudson, farmer.  His effects were £417.8s.5d.

The children of Elizabeth Fry & John Hudson were:

f.7.3.1 John Hudson christened December 31st, 1871 at St Mary’s, Hartfield1, died April-June 1874 at Hartfield
f.7.3.2 Edmund Robert Hudson christened August 29th, 1873 at St Mary’s, Hartfield, died August 29th, 1873 at Hartfield
f.7.3.3 George Edmund Hudson christened November 1st, 1874 at St Mary’s, Hartfield
f.7.3.4 Mary Elizabeth Hudson christened July 28th, 1878 at St Mary’s, Hartfield
f.7.3.5 Annie Mercy Hudson christened April 4th 1880 at St Michaels, Withyham
f.7.3.6 Alice Jane Hudson christened September 4th, 1881 at St Michael’s, Withyham


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