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William Fry [f.7.6.3]

William Fry was the third child of William Fry & Harriett Hudson born April 15th, 1879 at Chuckhatch, Hartfield, Sussex & christened June 29th, 1879 at St Mary’s, Hartfield, Sussex.

William’s father died soon after he was born, & in 1891 William was living with his widowed mother, brother & sister at Chuck Hatch grocer’s shop in Hartfield where his mother was a master grocer.

In 1901 William was working as a butcher & was described as a servant for George Isaac Elliott, a butcher. George Elliott was in fact the cousin of William’s mother (the son of Harriett Hudson & Isaac Elliott). They were living at Chesnut House, Hartfield.

Soon after the 1901 census William rented Neaves Farm, Chuck Hatch, Hartfield & his sister Elizabeth Agnes was for a short time his housekeeper before her sad death from meningitis in 1902.

By 1911 William was at Woodlands, Henfield Common, Sussex where he was a market gardener. With him was his mother Harriett & step father Alfred Card.   Harriett & Alfred’s son Reginald (14) was with them at the time of the census & he was described as a nurseryman & florist.

William married Ethel Botting of Swains Farm, Woodmancote in July-September 1913, the marriage taking place at Woodmancote, Henfield, Sussex. Ethel was born March 25th, 1885 at Woodmancote, Henfield, the daughter of Jane & George Botting, an agricultural labourer. Ethel had given birth to a daughter, Kathleen Botting, on May 13th, 1908 at Henfield.  Kathleen went on to marry Sydney G Parsons in 1934 & died on March 31st, 1996.

The 1939 register shows William & Ethel living at Ashdown, Chanctonbury where  William was a manager at a market garden.  Daughter Constance was at home & was described as a grocer & butcher’s bookkeeper.  Daughter Joan was also still at home & at school. Daughter Dorothy was living at Duncan’s Farm, Billingshurst, Horsham in 1939 & working as a cook.  She was to marry Charles E Scutt later that year.

William went into partnership as a market gardener with his relations, the Greenfields. It was William's sister Emily Mary who married James Greenfield, a market gardener. Part of the land occupied by their market garden was built on in the 1970’s & William’s daughters Joan & Betty both had houses there.

William died William died on July 22nd, 1955 at Ashdown, Windmill Lane, Henfield.   Administration of his estate was granted to widow Ethel on December 10th, 1955 & his effects were £1,550.

Ethel died, aged 96, on March 25th, 1981 at Woodmancote, Henfield, Sussex.

The children of William Fry & Ethel Botting were:

f. Constance Mary Fry born February 24th, 1914 at Henfield, Sussex
f. Dorothy Fry born March 25th, 1916 at Henfield, Sussex, died May 13th, 1999 at Henfield, Sussex
f. Lucie Fry born May 10th, 1920 at Henfield, Sussex
f. Elizabeth Nora Fry born December 14th, 1923 at Henfield, Sussex
f. Joan Fry born September 14th, 1925 at Henfield, Sussex, died March 30th, 1997 at Henfield, Sussex


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