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Jane Richardson [r.1.5]

Jane Richardson was the fifth child of George Richardson & second child of George’s second wife Ann Starport, christened August 6th, 1797 at Trimdon, Co Durham.

Jane married Thomas Hood, a widower, on February 24th, 1823 in the Chapelry of Durham St Margaret.  Thomas was born at Lumley, Co Durham & christened September 20th, 1789 at Chester-le-Street, the son of Mabel & Robert Hood, a farmer.  Witnesses at the wedding were John Hood, Margaret Richardson (Jane’s sister), Arthur Crimston & Leah Hood.  The Durham bonds & allegations for the wedding show the baptisms of Thomas & Jane & a witness to the baptism of Jane in Trimdon was George Richardson.  Thomas had previously married Jane Anderson in 1815 who sadly died the following year after giving birth to a daughter Jane Secia Hood.

In 1841 Thomas & Jane were living at Great Lumley, Co Durham where Thomas was a farmer.  With them were Ann & Robert, both listed as 15, & Thomas aged 9.

Jane & Thomas were still at Great Lumley in 1851 & Thomas was described as a farmer of 82 acres employing 2 men.  Son Thomas was still living at home & there was also a 15 year old farm servant, Thomas Dunn.

Thomas died in 1856 at Great Lumley & was buried on June 23rd at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

In 1861 widowed Jane was listed in hospital in the Almshouse, Great Lumley.

Jane died at Lumley Hospital & was buried on March 6th, 1867 at Lumley.  (Buried 2 days before Jane was John Hood aged 49 who also died at Lumley.)

The children of Jane Richardson & Thomas Hood were:

r.1.5.1  Ann Hood born at Great Lumley & christened January 4th, 1824 at Chester-le-Street; died at Lymley & buried October 10th, 1841 at Chester-le-Street
r.1.5.2  Robert Hood born at Great Lumley & christened July 24th, 1825 at Chester-le-Street; died at Lumley & buried July 13th, 1844 at Chester-le-Street
r.1.5.3  George Richardson Hood born at Great Lumley & christened January 21st, 1827 at Chester-le-Street; buried September 9th, 1827 at Chester-le-Street
r.1.5.4  Thomas George Hood born at Great Lumley & christened May 13th, 1832 at Chester-le-Street



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