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Richard Fry

Richard Fry was born c1690.

Richard married Elizabeth Children on May 9th, 1711 at St Lawrence, Bidborough, Kent.  Both were of the parish of Speldhurst.

Elizabeth was buried on February 10th, 1748 at St Mary’s, Groombridge, Speldhurst.

Richard, a yeoman of Michells, Speldhurst, wrote a will on March 9th, 1748/9.  To his son John Richard left his messuage, tenement barne lands & premises in the parish of Frantfield, Sussex.  John was also given a pair of sheets, 2 pillow bears, 2 tablecloths & 6 napkins from the chest in the parlour where he was living, 1 pair of good coarse sheets & 2 good towels.  John also received 2 silver spoons, one marker J.F and the other marked R.F & a large silver cup with a foot to it.  To sons James, William & Robert he left his ‘Right Title Interest Dividend Share and Demand’ in Tunbridge Wells Walks.  James also received some linen & a silver spoon marked J.F,  son William received linen & a silver spoon marked W.F & son Robert also received linen & a silver spoon marked R.F.  Daughter Elizabeth Childrens was given £180 plus a quantity of linen, a silver spoon marked E.F & a chest of drawers.  Sons Alexander & Edward both received £150, some linen & a silver spoon upon reaching the age of 21.  Oldest son Thomas was bequeathed the messuage or tenement called Michells with the Barnes Lands & Premises in the parish of Speldhurst.  Thomas was made executor of the will.

Daughter Elizabeth married Robert Christopher on May 23rd, 1752 at St Margaret’s, Halstead, Kent.

Widowed Richard was buried on October 16th, 1755 at St Mary’s,  Groombridge, Speldhurst & his will was executed on November 20th, 1755 by son Thomas.

Son Alexander married Margaret Shewbridge on April 28th, 1756 at St Marys, Speldhurst.

The children of Richard Fry & Elizabeth Children were:

Sarah Fry born May 16th, 1712 & christened 26th, 1712 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Thomas Fry born September 22nd 1713 & christened October 1st, 1713 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried November 3rd, 1793 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Richard Fry born April 23rd, 1715 & christened May 15th, 1715 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
James Fry born March 18th, 1717 & christened March 28th, 1717 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
John Fry christened March 7th, 1718 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried September 2nd, 1785 at St Alban’s, Frant, Sussex
William Fry christened December 7th, 1721 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Robert Fry christened April 8th, 1724 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Elizabeth Childrens Fry christened June 15th, 1726 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried December 27th, 1805 at St Peter & St Paul, Seal, Kent
George Fry christened June 5th, 1728 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried November 30th, 1791 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Alexander Fry christened July 1st, 1730 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried March 29th, 1810 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Edward Fry christened April 18th, 1731 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst
Andrew Fry christened January 29th, 1735 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst; buried June 15th, 1747 at St Mary’s, Speldhurst



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