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Mary Ann Stainsby [sb.6.3.2]

Mary Ann Stainsby was the second child of Thomas Stainsby & Mary Ann Henderson (nee Corner) born May 20th, 1872 at Bishop Auckland.

By 1881 Mary was living with her mother who was married to John Carter & also living with them were her brothers  Thomas & Stephen & sister Annie Stainsby at Lumley St, Middlesbrough.  Also there was half-brother John Henderson & half-sister Hannah Carter.  Marriage records indicate that mother Mary Ann did not marry John Carter until 1883.

In 1891 Mary was still living at home with her mother & step-father John & Mary was a laundry maid.  Her sister & brothers were also still at home, as was John Henderson.  Another 4 Carter children had arrived – Joseph (9), Robert (6), Alice M (5) & Violet (3).  They were all living at 22 Albert Mews, Middlesbrough.

Mary married John George Judson at Hartlepool in Oct-December 1902.  John was christened May 14th, 1873 at York, the son of Mary Hannah & Thomas Judson.

At the time of the birth of daughter Mary in 1909, Mary & John were living at Rawdon Old Hall Cottage, Rawdon.

In 1911 Mary & John were living at 6 London Lane, Little London, Rawdon, near Leeds.  They had had 2 children by this time, but sadly one had died.  Their 1 year old daughter was named Mary.  John  worked as a domestic gardener.

Daughter Mary married Harold Firth, a civil engineer from Devon, on May 22nd, 1934 at St Peter’s, Rawdon.   Her father John’s occupation at this time was given as ‘verger’.

The 1939 register shows Mary & John living at Hovingham Intake Lane, Rawdon & John was now a retired verger.

John died on December 12th, 1950 at Hovingham Intake Lane, Rawdon.  Probate was granted to widow Mary & daughter Mary Firth (wife of Harold Firth) & his effects were £1,927.

Mary Ann of Hovingham Intake Lane, Rawdon, died on January 4th, 1956 at St James Hospital, Burmantofts, Leeds.  Administration of her estate was granted to daughter Mary Firth & her effects were £828.10s.

The children of Mary Ann Stainsby & John George Judson were:

sb.  Violet Stainsby Judson born Oct-December 1903 at Hartlepool; died Oct-December 1903 at Hartlepool
sb.  Mary Judson christened May 30th, 1909 at St Peter’s, Rawdon, W. Yorks



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