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John Henry Stainsby [sb.6.5.7]

John Henry Stainsby was the seventh child of William Stainsby & Jane Stephenson born September 6th, 1889 at 67 Newport Rd, Middlesbrough & christened October 4th, 1889 at Linthorpe.

In 1891 John was living at home at Newport Rd, Middlesbrough. Also at home were children Thomas (14), Edith (12), Nellie (10), Joseph (8), Mary Emily (6) & George (4).

In 1901 John (known as Jack) was still at home at 3 Leechmere Rd, Ryhope.

Jack worked as a miner before becoming a clerk at Thompson’s Timber Yard.

Jack was still living at home in 1911 at 17 Leechmere Rd with his parents & younger sister. He was by this time a clerk at a timber merchants.

Jack married Lucy Taylor in July-September 1919. Lucy was born January 19th, 1895.

Jack & Lucy were living at 17 Haddon Rd in 1920 & at 9 Heming St, Grangetown in 1923. From about 1927 they lived in the lower section of Jack’s parent’s house at 18 Royle St, Grangetown & parents William & Jane lived in the flat above, known as 17 Haddon St. After the death of Jack’s father, his bed-ridden mother Jane continued to live in the upper flat. .

18 Royle St (white door) & 17 Haddon Rd (side entrance by green box) - 2006

Jack lived at Royle St until at least 1937 & he was still a clerk according to Ward’s directory of Sunderland. Jack & Lucy later moved to St Aidans estate.

The 1939 register shows Jack & Lucy living at 25 St Aidans Avenue, Grangetown & Jack was described as head clerk at a timber merchants.  With them were sons William, an electrical engineering apprentice armature winder, & Ronald, a joiner’s apprentice.

Son Ronald married Olive Watson Abba (born July 5th, 1921at Wigton, Cumbria) on March 28th, 1945 at St Aidan's, Grangetown.

Jack, of 25 St Aidans Avenue, died aged 57 at the General Hospital, Sunderland on May 9th, 1947.  Administration of his estate was granted to widow Lucy & his effects were £845.18s.2d.

Lucy, aged 54, died at 25 St Aidans Avenue on August 12th, 1949.  Administration of here estate was given to son William Stainsby, an electrician & her effects were £1527.13s.

The children of John Henry Stainsby & Lucy Taylor were:

sb. William Stainsby born May 16th, 1920 at 17 Haddon Rd, Grangetown & christened June 8th, 1920 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown; died April-June 1993 at North Cleveland, Cleveland
sb. Ronald Stainsby born February 18th, 1923 at 9 Heming St, Grangetown & christened March 20th, 1923 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown; died February 2006 at Sunderland, Co Durham


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