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John Stainsby [sb.9.10]

John Stainsby was the tenth child of Robert Stainsby & Elizabeth Brewer born Oct-December 1858 at Fryton, Yorks.

In 1871 John, aged 12, was working as an errand boy & living with the Isherwood family, the head of which was Elizabeth Isherwood (80), a farmer of 200 acres. He was still in the village of Fryton & living next door was his older brother Robert working as a groom for farmer George Leefe.

By 1881 John had moved to Herefordshire & was living at Wessington Court, Woolhope where he was working as a footman for Ann Jane Keates, a 50 year old widow. Ann Keates had 2 daughters living with her & 7 domestic staff, which included John & 23 year old Mary Ann Patterson, a housemaid, who was to become John’s wife. Ann Keates was the former wife of John Keates, a copper & lead merchant employing 450 men & boys at the time of the 1861 Liverpool census.

John married Mary Ann Patterson in April-June 1888 at Hereford. Mary was born at Yatton & christened October 27th, 1858 at Much Marcle, Herefordshire, the daughter of Ann & John Patterson, a carpenter.

In 1891 John was still living in Herefordshire but had moved to Kynaston Lodge, Hentland. He was now employed as a butler, domestic servant. He & Mary Ann had a 1 year old daughter Ethel Mary. Next to the lodge was Kynaston House but the owner did not appear to be in residence at the time of the census as only domestic staff were enumerated.

John died on June 16th 1896, aged 38, at 3 Chesterfield Villas, Westfalling St, Hereford.

The children of John Stainsby & Mary Ann Patterson were:

sb.9.10.1 Ethel Mary Stainsby born April 18th, 1889 at Grafton, Herefordshire; died April-June 1965 at Hereford

In 1901 widowed Mary was living at Westfarling St, Monmouth, Herefordshire with her daughter Ethel. She was a laundress with her own account. Living with them was a boarder David Braid, a railway passenger guard.

Mary remarried in Oct-december 1904 at Hereford.  Her new husband was John Bethell.  In 1911 Mary & John were living at the Drill Hall, Hereford where John (65) was caretaker of the hall.  With them was Mary’s daughter Ethel Mary Stainsby who was now a milliner.

Daughter Ethel Mary married  Thomas J Richards, a gents outfitter, in Jan-March 1918 at Hereford.

John Bethell died on October 20th, 1932 at 72 Prices Hospital, Whitecross St, Hereford.  Probate was granted at Gloucester on November 25th, 1932 to widow Mary Ann.  John’s effects were £131.18s.2d.

Mary Ann died, aged 77, in Jan-March 1936 at Hereford.


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