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Annie Maria Speed [sp.]

Annie Maria Speed was the fourth child of Robert Storey Speed & Elizabeth Graham born Oct-December 1851 at Seaton, Seaham, Co Durham.

Sadly Annie Maria’s mother died in 1853 & her father married again in 1854.

The 1861 census shows Annie still living with her father & step-mother Annie at Fountain House, Fountain Terrace, Stranton, West Hartlepool.  There were 2 sisters & a brother still at home & her father was described as a ship broker (coal). 

In 1871 Annie was working as a milliner & living with Henry Robinson, a draper, & family & living at the draper’s shop, Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough.

Annie married John Peacock in April-June 1879 at Middlesbrough.  John was born at Cargo Fleet & christened August 3rd, 1849 at Ormesby, Middlesbrough, the son of Jane & John Peacock, an agent in the timber trade.

In 1881 Annie & John were living at 18 Charles St, Ormesby, Middlesbrough & John was a clerk at the iron works.  They had a 4 month old son Herbert S.

The family were found at 14 Charles St in 1891 & John was described as a merchant’s clerk.  They now had 3 children - Herbert, a scholar, William E (7) & Jane (6).

In 1901 Annie & John were living at 13 West Terrace, Ormesby & John was an iron works clerk.  Son William was still at home working as an apprentice engine fitter, daughter Jane was at home & another daughter Louie (9).
Son Herbert married Norah Phoebe Barry on August 17th, 1909 at Redcar, N. Yorks.

By 1911 the family had moved to Coatham, N. Yorks & were living at 125 Queen St, Redcar.  John was now a store keeper at the steel works & son William Edward was an engineer at the iron works.  Both daughters Jane & Louie were still at home & described as assisting.  It was noted on the census that Annie had had 4 children, 4 of whom were still alive.

Son William married Muriel Barrie on August 21st,1912 at Redcar.

John died aged 63 & was buried on September 24th, 1912 at Redcar Cemetery, N. Yorks.

Annie, aged 76, was buried January 26th, 1928 at Redcar Cemetery, N. Yorks.

The children of Annie Maria Speed & John Peacock were:

sp. Herbert Speed Peacock born November 11th, 1880 at 18 Charles St & christened December 10th, 1880 at North Ormesby; died April 2nd 1957 at Morningside, Dinas Powis, Glamorgan.

sp.  William Edward Peacock born October 3rd 1883 at 14 Charles St & christened October 26th 1883 at North Ormesby; buried January 21st, 1950 at Redcar Cemetery

sp.  Jane Peacock born December 9th, 1884 at 14 Charles St & christened January 2nd at North Ormesby

sp.  Robert Owen Peacock born September 5th  1889 at 20 Charles St & christened September 24th, 1889 at North Ormesby; buried February 11th, 1890 at North Ormesby Cemetery

sp.  Louie Peacock born April 24th, 1891 at 14 Charles St & christened May 19th, 1891 at North Ormesby; buried August 24th, 1918 at Redcar Cemetery




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