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John Speed [sp.]

John Speed was the first child of John Speed & Jane Hall born February 14th, 1866 at Easington Lane, Co Durham.

By 1871 John, his parents & younger brother had moved to Wheatley Hill, Wingate, Co Durham where his father was a joiner.

The family had moved to 29 Durham Row, Framwellgate Moor, Co Durham by 1881 & there were 4 more brothers at home.  John was now working as a labourer at the coal mine.

John married Elizabeth Jane Young in July-September 1890 in Durham.  Elizabeth was christened July 31st, 1870 at Shincliffe, the daughter of Elizabeth Jane & Joseph Henry Young, a grocer & coke drawer.

In 1891 John & Elizabeth were living with her parents at Red Briar, Framwellgate where Elizabeth was helping as an assistant grocer.  John was still a coal miner.

John & Elizabeth were living at 43 Old Row, Framwellgate Moor in 1901 & John was now a deputy overman underground.  They now had 2 children – Joseph (7) & Elizabeth J (4).

John continued in the same occupation in 1911 & he & Elizabeth were now at Pity Me, Co Durham.  Son Joseph was still at home, working as a colliery labourer, daughter Elizabeth Jane & new arrival John (3).  It was noted that Elizabeth had given birth to 7 children, only 3 of whom had survived.

At the time of the 1939 register Elizabeth had died & widowed John was living at 13 Seventh St, Blackhall Colliery, Easington & was retired.  With him was son John, working in the coal mine, & daughter Elizabeth J, now married to Christopher Bradley, a surface worker at the coal mine & their children.

The children of John Speed & Elizabeth Jane Young were:

sp.  John Speed born February 17th, 1891 in Framwellgate Moor, Durham; buried February 26th, 1891 at St Cuthbert’s, Durham

sp.  Joseph Speed born August 18th, 1893 at Pity Me, Durham & christened September 10th, 1893 at St Cuthbert’s, Durham

sp.  Mary Alice Speed born July-September 1895 at Framwellgate Moor; buried October 11th, 1895 at St Cuthbert’s, Durham

sp.  Elizabeth Jane Speed born Oct-December 1896 at Framwellgate Moor

sp.  Hilda Speed born July-September 1898 at Pity Me; buried October 24th, 1898 at St Cuthbert’s, Durham

sp.  Eveline Speed christened February 21st, 1903 in Durham; buried October 7th, 1903 at St Cuthbert’s, Durham

sp.  John Speed born Oct-December 1907 at Pity Me, Co Durham




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