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Mary Ann Speed [sp.]

Mary Ann Speed was the fifth child of Robert Speed & Susanna Pattison born at Chartershaugh & christened May 18th, 1823 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

In 1841 Mary was living with her parents, 4 brothers & 2 sisters at Lamesley, Co Durham where her father was a collier.

On June 16th, 1844 Mary married Mark Leathard at Gateshead.  Mark was born c1823 in Corbridge, Northumberland, the son of Elizabeth Morris & Robert Leathard, an agricultural labourer.

Mary & Mark were living at Pelton in 1851 where Mark was a brakeman.  They had a baby daughter, Susan Ann, who was 6 months old.

In 1861 Mary & Mark were living at South Pelaw Colliery, Pelton, Co Durham & Mark was an engineman.  Children at home were Robert (15), a joiner, Elizabeth (8), Surtees (5) & Mary Ann (2).  Also living with them was Mary’s brother William, also an engineman.

Sadly Mark, aged 45, died on April 4th, 1868 as the result of a boiler explosion while working at South Pelaw colliery.  Mark, a brakesman, was putting coals on the fire at the time & was killed immediately.  He was buried on April 7th at Chester-le-Street.

Widowed Mary was living at South Pelaw Cottages in 1871 & with her were daughters Elizabeth & Mary Ann, son Surtees, a blacksmith, & another son Robert (8).  Her brother William was still living with her & described as a colliery engineman.

Mary was still living at Pelaw in 1881 & her brother was still living with her.  Two sons were at home - Surtees, still a blacksmith, & Robert, a shoemaker’s apprentice.

Mary aged 63 died on March 26th, 1886 at Pelaw & was buried on March 30th at Chester-le-Street.

The children of Mary Ann Speed & Mark Leathard were:
sp. Robert Leathard born April-June 1845 at Chesterl-le-Street; died February 18th, 1863 at Pelaw Colliery & buried February 22nd, 1863 at St Mary & St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street

sp.  Susan Ann Leathard christened December 11th, 1850; died Jan-March 1852 at Pelton

sp.  Elizabeth Ann Leathard christened March 9th, 1853 at Chester-le-Street

sp.  Surtees Leathard christened December 30th, 1855 at Chester-le-Street; died Oct-December 1931 at Chester-le-Street

sp.  Mary Ann Leathard christened July 14th, 1858 at Chester-le-Street

sp.  Jane Leathard christened May 22nd, 1861 at Chester-le-Street

sp.  Robert Leathard christened April 22nd, 1863 at Chester-le-Street





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