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Susannah Speed [sp.]

Susannah Speed was the sixth child of Joseph Speed & Isabella Davison born at Perkinsville & christened August 19th, 1863 at Holy Trinity, Pelton, Co Durham.

In 1871 Susannah, her parents & 2 brothers were living at Perkinsville, Pelton where her father was a miner.
Susannah’s family had moved to 18 West Row, Perkinsville by 1881 & she was working as a dressmaker.

In Oct-December 1882 Susanna married James Lumsden at Gateshead, Co Durham.  James was born November 7th, 1860 at Edmondsley, Co Durham & christened March 31st, 1861, the son of Annie & James Lumsden, a coal miner.

Susanna & James were living at 26 Grange Villa, Pelton in 1891 where James was a coal miner.  They had 5 children by this time – Isabella (7), Joseph (6), James (4), Annie (2) & Richard N (4 months).

The family continued to live in Pelton in 1901, now 27 Newfield, & James was described as a coal hewer.  Sons Joseph, a coal putter, & James, a pony driver, were both working underground at the colliery at the ages of 15 & 14 respectively!  Also at home were Annie & Richard & new arrivals John (8), William (6), Lily (2) & Norman (6 months).

Susanna & James were living at 1 Double Row, Newfield in 1911 & James continued to work as a coal hewer as did sons Joseph & James.  3 more sons worked underground at the colliery – Richard, a coal putter, & John & William were rope lads.  Daughter Annie was still at home & Lily & Norman were both scholars.  It was noted on the census that Susanna had had 9 children, all of whom were still living.

Susanna, aged 56, died in May 1920 & was buried at Holy Trinity, Pelton.

The 1939 register shows widowed James, now retired, living with daughter Annie & her husband Thomas Jackson, a coal miner, & family at 4 Holyoake St, Pelton Lane Ends, Chester-le-Street.  Also living there were Annie’s brothers Richard, a coal miner Stoneman, & William, a general labourer.

James, aged 79, died April 28th, 1940 & was buried at Holy Trinity, Pelton.

The children of Susanna Speed & James Lumsden were:

sp.  Isabella Lumsden christened December 9th, 1883 at Holy Trinity, Pelton
sp.  Joseph Lumsden born Mary 16th, 1885 at Pelton
sp.  James Lumsden born March 8th, 1887 at Pelton
sp.  Annie Lumsden born December 11th, 1888 & christened January 6th, 1889 at Holy Trinity, Pelton
sp.  Richard Walker Lumsden born December 12th, 1890 at Pelton; died Jan-March 1956 in Durham North
sp.  John Lumsden born November 20th, 1892 at Pelton
sp.  William Lumsden born December 29th, 1894 at Pelton
sp.  Lily Lumsden christened July 13th, 1898 at Holy Trinity, Pelton
sp.  Norman Lumsden born September 5th, 1900 & christened October 3rd, 1900 at Holy Trinity, Pelton; died Oct-December 1980 in Durham North




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