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Isaiah Stone [st.1.4.1]

Isaiah Stone was the first child of Benjamin Stone & Sarah Duffell born August 27th, 1847 at Moor St, West Bromwich, & christened September 19th 1847 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs.

In 1851 Isaiah was visiting his grandmother Hannah Duffell at Moor St, West Bromwich at the time of the census.

By 1861 Isaiah’s family had moved to Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire & were living at 20 New St.

By 1871 Isaiah & his parents had returned to Staffordshire & were living at Birks’s Row, Knutton, Wolstanton. Isaiah, like his father Benjamin & brother Robert were all puddlers at the iron works.

Isaiah married Elizabeth Beckett on October 30th, 1871 at Wolstanton.  Elizabeth was born c1855 in Brockmoor, Silverdale, the daughter of Ambrose Beckett.

In 1881 Isaiah, an iron worker was boarding with his sister, Miranda & her husband Arthur Ford at 7 Birks Row, Knutton.  With him was his son Abel, aged 8, who was incorrectly listed as Abel Ford. Elizabeth & another son, John (6), at this time were visiting Elizabeth’s parents at Fords Croft, Knutton. Elizabeth & John were incorrectly listed with the surname Beckett rather than Stone, & Elizabeth’s mother was incorrectly listed as Hannah!

Isaiah died in Oct-December 1882, his death being registered at Wolstanton.

The children of Isaiah Stone & Elizabeth Beckett were:

st.  Abel Stone born April-June 1872 at Knutton & christened October 11th, 1874 at Knutton; died Jan-March 1901 at Wolstanton
st.  John Stone born July-September 1874 at Knutton & christened October 11th, 1874 at Knutton

Widowed Elizabeth remarried in July-September 1888 at Wolstanton.  Her new husband was Isaac Smith. Interestingly, Isaac was lodging with Elizabeth’s parents at the time of the 1881 census when Elizabeth was also there!

In 1891 Elizabeth & Isaac were living in Silverdale where Isaac was an ironworker.  They had an 18 year old lodger, Abel Stone, an ironworker, i.e. Elizabeth’s son.  Isaac & Elizabeth had 5 children with them.  Elizabeth’s son John was with his grandparents, Elizabeth & Ambrose Beckett, at the time of the census at High St, Silverdale & John was described as a labourer.

Son Abel married Alice Holmes on December 25th, 1892 at Wolstanton.

Son John married Mary Hannah Bagguley in April-June 1899 at Wolstanton. 

In 1901 Elizabeth & Isaac were living at Madeley St, Silverdale & Isaac was still a puddler at the ironworks.  As well as their own famil,y with them was a grandson, Abel Stone, 3 months old, probably the son of Abel senior who had recently died.  Abel’s widow Alice was also living in Silverdale & described as a retired fustian cutter.  Poor Alice had 4 other young children to look after, the oldest being only 7 years of age!

The 1911 census shows Elizabeth living at 53 Seymour St, Denton, Lancashire & with here were sons Isaac Smith (21), Jack Smith (20) & Ambrose Smith (16).  There were also 2 nieces with her – Olive Lawton Beckett (19) & Elizabeth Lawton Beckett (13).  Still living with Elizabeth was grandson Abel Stone, now 10 years old.  Elizabeth’s husband Isaac was boarding at the time of the census with the Harrison family at 115 Chain Row, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.  He was still an ironworker.

Son John, an ironworker,  & his wife Mary Annie were living at 16 Chapel St, Knutton at the time of the 1911 census with their 7 surviving children – Mary Ellen (11), John (9), Isaiah (8), Elizabeth Ann (6), Emma Annice (4), Albert (1) & Abel (1 month).  Mary Annie’s uncle, Caleb Bagguley, was living with them.



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