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Rachel Stone [st.1.5.10]

Rachel Stone was the tenth child of James Stone & Mary Ann Sutton born September 19th, 1866 at Hope Cottage, Bradford, & christened October 29th, 1866 at at Higher Ardwick Primitive Methodist Church, Manchester, Lancs.

By 1871 the family had returned to Staffordshire & were living in the High St, Tunstall, Wolstanton. Rachel had 2 older brothers, Joseph & James who were both iron workers like their father.  Rachel had 2 sisters,  Esther  & Catherine.

The family had returned to Lancashire by 1881 & were living at 5 Enys St, Pendleton, Salford.   Rachel was still at home & she & sister Esther were both cotton weavers.  Sister Catherine was also at home.

Rachel married James Danbury in April-June 1888 at Salford, Lancs.  James was born in 1864 in Bilston, Stafforshire, the son of Elizabeth Edwardson, a cotton weaver, & Charles Danbury, a furnaceman.

In 1891 Rachel & James were living at 20 Ridsdale St, Pendleton & James was a labourer at the cotton mill.  They had a daughter Beatrice (2) & a son James H (3 months).

By 1901 the family were living at 24 William St, Pendlton & James was now a building labourer.  Sadly both children Beatrice & James had died but Rachel & James now had 3 more children – Hiram (8), Frank (3) & James (1).

Rachel (listed as Dambury) was boarding at the time of the 1911 census with Herbert Jackson (30), a steam boiler fireman at the colliery, at 23 heath St, Pendleton.  With her were son Hiram, a boiler maker at the boiler works, & daughter Miriam (4).  Husband James was living at 4 Alderson St, Pendleton & now working as a dyer in the cotton mill.  Children at home with him were Frank, James, Ernest (9) & Archie (6).   Boarding with them was the Anglesey family, Annie & Herbert & their 4 children.  It was noted on the census that James & Rachel had had 9 children, only 6 of whom were still alive.

James died in Oct-December 1915 at Salford, Lancs.

Son Frank tragically died while serving with the 2nd/5th battalion of the Manchester Regiment during WW1.  He died on March 21st, 1918 in France.

There is a record of son Hiram returning in November 1919 to England from New York, USA where he had been living.  He gives an address as 23 Heath St, Pendleton & he was a boilermaker.  He married Annie Nelson in Chorlton in 1920.

Son James married Amy Beatrice Cliffe on December 26th, 1922 at St Thomas’, Pendleton.  Witnesses at the wedding included James’ brother Archibald & his sister Miriam. The 1939 register shows James & Amy & family living at 19 Hodgson St, Salford & James was working as ‘steel ingot parting lathe’.

Rachel died in Oct-December 1924 in Salford, Lancs.
On March 25th, 1926 son Archie emigrated to Australia.  He gave his last UK address as 23 Heath St, Pendleton & he was a railway porter.  Archie settled in NSW & married Doris Mary Kelly in 1935 at St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, The Rock.  Sadly Doris Mary died in 1940 at Wagga Wagga, NSW & Archie married again in 1941, his second wife being Mildred Olive Back.  Archie served with the Australian Army during WW2.

In 1928 daughter Miriam sailed on the Largo Bay to Australia.  She was described as a clerk. Like her brother Archie, Miriam must have decided to stay in Australia where she married Ernest William Judd in Wagga Wagga, NSW in 1930.  In 1932 Ernest & brother-in-law Archie were commended for their bravery in attempting to rescue a 16 year old boy who had fallen into Yarragundry lagoon.  Ernest dived in & recovered the body & the 2 men tried to revive the youth until the ambulance arrived.  Unfortunately the boy did not recover.

The children of Rachel Stone & James Danbury were:

st.  Beatrice Stone Danbury  born July-September 1888 at Pendleton; died 1895 at Pendleton
st.  James Henry Danbury born Jan-March 1891at Pendleton; died July-September 1897 at Pendleton
st.  Hiram Danbury born March 30th, 1893 at Pendleton & christened October 3rd, 1897 at St Clement’s, Salford; died July 2nd 1942 in Manchester
st.  John Danbury born June 30th, 1895 at Pendleton & christened August 6th, 1895 at St Clement’s, Salford; died Oct-December 1897 at Pendleton
st.  Frank Danbury born September 24th, 1897 at Pendleton & christened October 3rd, 1897 at St Clement’s, Salford; died March 21st, 1918 in France
st.  James Danbury born October 22nd, 1899 at Pendleton; died Jan-March 1985 at Salford
st.  Ernest Danbury born March 8th, 1902 at 24 Williams St, Pendleton & christened March 19th, 1902 at Enys St Primitive Methodist Church, Whit Lane, Pendleton ; died Jan-march 1912 at Salford
st.  Archibald Danbury born July 11th 1904 at Pendleton; died March 25th, 1989 in NSW, Australia
st.  Miriam Danbury born Jan-March 1907 at Pendleton





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