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Ada Stone [st.1.8.13]

Ada Stone was the thirteenth child of John Stone & Mary Haywood born August 7th, 1880  at Salford, Lancs.

In 1881 Ada, 7 months old, was living at 52 Borough St, Pendleton with her parents & brothers & sisters.

Ada was still living at home in 1891, now 29 Alderson St, Pendleton where her father was a fried fish dealer.  She had 5 sisters & 1 brother still at home.

On November 14th, 1897 Ada married Harry Wardley at Christ Church, Salford.  Ada was a shop assistant & Harry was an iron turner.  Witnesses at the wedding were Robert John Littler, Ada’s brother-in-law, and Alice Stone, Ada’s sister.  Ada gave her age at marriage as 19.  Harry Munro Wardley was born in Broughton, Lancs in Oct-December 1877,  the son of Sarah Hulme & John Wardley, salesman.

In 1901 Ada & Harry were living at 4 Alpha St, Pendleton & Harry was still an iron turner.  They had a 5 month old son, Arthur.  Also living with them at the time of the census were Ada’s sisters, Alice, a cotton weaver, & Clara, a polish cotton winder.

By 1911 Ada & Harry had moved to 15 Bulteel St, Swinton, Worsley, Lancs & Harry had the same profession.  It was noted on the census that they had had 5 children, only 3 of whom were still alive, Arthur (10), Miriam (7) & Harry (3).

Harry, aged 36, died in July-September 1914 at Barton-upon-Irwell, Lancs.

The 1939 register shows Ada living at 40 Keswick Grove, Salford with son Harry, a foreman dyer of cotton hanks, & his wife Nora.

Ada, aged 61, died in Oct-December 1941 at Salford, Lancs.

The children of Ada Stone & Harry Munro Wardley were:

st.  Clara Wardley born Jan-March 1898 at Pendleton; died Jan-March 1898 at Pendleton
st.  Ruth Stone born July-September 1899 at Pendleton; died July-September 1899 at Pendleton

st.  Arthur Wardley born October 15th, 1900 at Pendleton; died Jan-March 1971 at Barton, Lancs
st.  Miriam Wardley christened November 4th, 1903 at St George’s, Charlestown, Salford
st. John William Wardley born Jan-March 1904 at Pendleton; died April-June 1904 at Pendleton
st.  Harry Wardley born December 31st, 1907 & christened January 23rd, 1908 at St Thomas’ Pendleton, Lancs; died September 1988 at Salford, Lancs
st.  Ethel Wardley born June 10th, 1912 & christened July 10th, 1912 at St Peter’s, Swinton



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