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Benjamin Stone [st.4]

Benjamin Stone was the fourth child of Joseph Stones & Miranda Barber born November 12th, 1802 & christened July 31st, 1803 at Bilston, Staffs.

Benjamin married Catherine Baker on December 23rd, 1826 at St Phillips, Birmingham, Warks. Witnesses at the wedding were Benjamin's sister, Miranda & her husband, John Baker. Catherine was the daughter of Joseph Baker of Cookley, Worcs.

Their first son, Joseph Baker, sadly died aged just 2 years & 9 months at Great Brooke St, Aston & was buried on June 12th, 1830 at St James, Aston.

Catherine of Great Brooke St, died June 18th, 1835, aged 27, & was buried at St James, Aston, Birmingham.

The children of Benjamin Stone & Catherine Baker were:

st.4.1 Joseph Baker Stone born September 25th, 1827 & christened October 18th, 1827 at St Phillips, Birmingham; buried June 12th, 1830 at St James, Aston
st.4.2 James Henry Stone born December 3rd, 1829 & christened December 26th, 1829 at St Phillips, Birmingham, died December 16th, 1908 at the Dene, Bracebridge Rd, Sutton Coldfield, Staffs
st.4.3 Catherine Stone born February 10th, 1832 & christened March 5th, 1832 at St Phillips, Birmingham; died January 11th, 1857 at Birmingham

Benjamin married for the second time on March 13th, 1836, at Old Swinford, Worcs, his wife being Rebecca Matthews. Rebecca was christened September 27th, 1807 at Hartlebury, Worcs, the daughter of Rebecca & Richard Matthews of Cookley, Worcs.

Benjamin & Rebecca's first child, Miranda Louisa, sadly died in 1839 aged 2 years and 10 months.

In 1841 Benjamin & Rebecca were living at Lupin St, Duddeston & Nechells, Aston, Birmingham & Benjamin was described as a clerk. They had 2 children still living at home from Benjamin’s first marriage – James (11) & Catherine (9) & there were 2 of their own children – John (3) & Rebecca (2). They had a servant Margaret Jones (16).

Benjamin & Rebecca were still at Lupin St in 1851 & Benjamin was now a clerk at the glass works, as was son James. Other children at home were Catherine, John B, Rebecca H (11) & Clara L (9).

Daughter Catherine married Frederick Fawdry in 1853, & subsequent to that Frederick was centrally involved in developing the flint glass business, known as Stone, Fawdry & Stone in Birmingham.

In 1861 the family were still at Lupin St, Aston, now number 89. Benjamin was now a glass manufacturer employing 80 men, 17 boys & 5 women. His son John B was a master glass manufacturer. Daughters Rebecca & Clara were still at home. They had a servant Mary A Matthews (17).

Benjamin & Rebecca had moved to Sutton St, Aston Manor by 1871 & Benjamin continued to be a glass manufacturer employing 90 men, 16 boys & 4 women. There were no children at home but there was a 23 year old servant Lydia Morris.

In 1881 they were still at 28 Sutton St. Benjamin now employed 70 men, 5 women & 3 boys in his glass works. They had a domestic servant Elizabeth Southam (18).

Benjamin died on February 25th 1882, aged 79, at Sutton St, Aston Juxta, Birmingham & was buried at Witton Cemetery, Birmingham..  His will with codicil was proved on March 20th at Birmingham by sons James Henry, a manufacturer of St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, & John Benjamin, a glass manufacturer of Dartmouth St, Birmingham.  Benjamin’s effects were £14,375.10s.11d. & resworn as £14,440.17s.9d.

In 1891 widowed Rebecca, now 83 years old, was living at 24 Sutton St with a domestic servant Alice Southam (27).

Rebecca died on March 18th, 1893, aged 85, at Sutton St, Aston Juxta, Birmingham.  Probate was granted on March 27th at Birmingham to sons James Henry Stone esquire & Sir John Benjamin Stone.  Her effects were £883.13s.9d.

The children of Benjamin Stone & Rebecca Matthews were:

st.4.4 Louisa Miranda Stone born November 28th, 1836 at Great Brooke St, & christened January 10th, 1837 at St Phillips, Birmingham; died at Great Brooke St and buried October 11th,1839 at St. James, Aston
st.4.5 John Benjamin Stone born February 9th, 1838 at Aston & christened March 13th, 1838 at St Phillips, Birmingham, died July 2nd, 1914 at the Grange, Erdington, Birmingham
st.4.6 Rebecca Hannah Stone born September 16th, 1839 at Aston & christened October 16th, 1839 at St Phillips, Birmingham; died June 14 th , 1915 at Handsworth
st.4.7 Clara Louisa Stone born December 29th, 1841 at Lupin St, Aston & christened January 25th, 1842 at St Phillips, Birmingham; died June 21st, 1929 at Whateley Hall, Castle Bromwich


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