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Henry Wall [w.9.1.6]

Henry Wall was the sixth child of William Wall & Mary Ball born September 19th, 1880 at Ocker Hill, Tipton, Staffs.

In 1881 Henry & his parents & brothers & sisters were living at 72 Lea Brook Rd, Tipton.

Henry was still living at home at Lea Brook Rd in 1891 with 2 sisters & 2 brothers & his mother, who had remarried after the death of Henry’s father.  His step-father, Joseph Groves, was a boatman.

Henry (listed as Harry in the census) was still at home in 1901, now 11 St James St, Wednesbury.  His mother & younger brother & sister were also at home but his step-father was not.  Harry was working as a tapper of locomotive wheels for the railway.

Harry married Sarah Jane Brookes in July-September 1902 at Wednesbury, St James.  Sarah Jane (known as Jennie) was christened June 20th, 1882 at St James, Wednesbury, the daughter of Elizabeth & Joseph Brookes, a miner.

In 1911 Harry & Jennie were living at 40 Meeting St, Wednesbury & Harry was now described as a wheel & axle worker at the axle works.  They had 4 children – Charlotte Ivy (8), Gertrude Sylvia (7), William Henry (6) & Sydney (1).  It was noted on the census that one of their children had died before the 1911 census.

Daughter Charlotte married Henry J L Taylor in 1921 at Lichfield, Staffs. Charlotte married again in 1927, her second husband being James H Cooper.

Daughter Gertrude married Afanacia Topaka in 1921 at West Bromwich, Staffs. Afanacia was born in Vladivostok, Russia in 1897 & served in the Russian Navy before serving with the South Staffordshire Regiment in WW1.  He attained the rank of Lance Sergeant before being court marshalled for drunkenness & dismissed in 1920.

Daughter Minnie married Thomas Owen Bond in 1931 & in 1939 they & their 3 children were living at 9 Terrace St, Wednesbury where Thomas was a ‘timber man pipe layer for contracting. 

The 1939 register shows Harry & Sarah J (Jennie?) living at 51 Woden Rd, North, Wednesbury & Harry was a labourer at the iron & steel works.  With them was son William born in 1918 who was a navvy on the roads.  Also listed with them was granddaughter Irene Lilian Taylor (born July 26th, 1921, daughter of Charlotte & Henry Taylor) who was an inspector at a tools works, & another granddaughter, Ruby Dorothy Cooper (born December 17th, 1928, daughter of Charlotte & James Cooper).  Living next door was Harry & Jennie’s son William Henry, a steel worker, & his wife Leah (nee Kendrick) & their family.

Daughter Charlotte & her husband James & the rest of their family were still living in Wednesbury in 1939 at 22 Sheldon Avenue.  James was a carter in the public works department.  Daughter Gertrude & husband Afanacia Topako & family were living at 119 Bryce Rd, Brierley Hill, Staffs in 1939 & Afanacia was a cupola man.

Jennie died aged 66 in Jan-March 1949 at Wednesbury.

Harry died aged 77 in October 1958 at Wednesbury.

The children of Henry Wall & Sarah Jane Brookes were:

w.  Charlotte Ivy Wall born November 18th, 1902 at Wednesbury, Staffs
w.  Gertrude Sylvia Wall born January 26th, 1904 at Wednesbury, Staffs; died December 1973 at North Bierley, West Yorks
w.  William Henry Wall born February 4th, 1905 at Wednesbury, Staffs
w.  Sydney Wall born c1910 at Shettlestone, Glasgow, Scotland
w. Minnie May Wall born May 4th, 1911 in Wednesbury; died November 8th, 1995 in West Midlands
w.  William Wall February 1st, 1918 in Wednesbury



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