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Charles Webster [we.2]

Charles Webster was the second child of John Webster & Frances Bayley (nee Hoare) born March 27th, 1796 at Burnham.

On November 4th, 1811, there was a record of Charles Webster & Philip Wentworth being apprenticed  to learn the business of a grocer & tallow chandler in consideration for a payment of £42 (ref: National Archives).

Charles married Elizabeth Wentworth by licence on July 21st, 1821 at Hillingdon, Middlesex.  Witnesses at the wedding were George Wright, Henry Grainge, Mary Ann Webster, Elizabeth ? & Anne Wright.   Elizabeth was was christened August 14th, 1796 at St Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, the daughter of Sarah & Philip Wentworth.

Elizabeth died after a long illness on January 16th, 1832, aged just 36 years, & was buried on January 23rd at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon, Middlesex.

The children of Charles Webster & Elizabeth Wentworth were:

we.2.1  Charles Wentworth Webster christened June 14th, 1822 at the Chapelry of Uxbridge, Middlesex; died May 15th 1847 at Coombe, Devon & buried May 21st, 1847 at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon, Middlesex
we.2.2  Henry Webster christened July 16th, 1824 at St Margaret's, Uxbridge; buried Jan 5th, 1826 at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon
we.2.3  Emma Wentworth Webster christened March 28th, 1826 at St Margaret's, Uxbridge, Middlesex; buried September 21st 1853 at St Paul's, Manningham, Bradford, Yorks
we.2.4  Wentworth Webster born June 16th, 1828 & christened August 8th, 1828 at St Margaret's,Uxbridge, Middlesex, died April 2nd, 1907 at Sare, Lower Pyrenees.
we.2.5  Henry Webster born March 29th, 1830 & christened June 11th, 1830 at St Margaret's, Uxbridge; buried May 5th, 1841 at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon

Charles married again on August 6th, 1833 by licence at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon.  His second wife was Elizabeth Shoppee.  Witnesses at the wedding were Jas Shoppee, Charles’s sister Maria Webster,  Ann Frances Biggs & Elizabeth Shoppee.  Elizabeth was born in 1796, the daughter of Elizabeth Collett & Charles Shoppee.  Elizabeth’s mother had died in June 1833 & her will bequeathed substantial properties to Elizabeth.

Charles' second wife Elizabeth died, aged 38, in 1834 soon after the birth of daughter Elizabeth Shoppee, & was buried June 2nd, 1834 at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon. Administration of Elizabeth’s goods was granted to Charles on November 5th, 1835.

Daughter Elizabeth Shoppee sadly died aged just 16 on June 30th, 1850.

The children of Charles Webster & Elizabeth Shoppee were: 

we.2.6  Elizabeth Shoppee Webster christened June 15th, 1834 at St Margaret’s, Uxbridge; buried July 5th, 1850 at St John the Baptist, Hillingdon

In 1838  Philip Wentworth, father of Charles' first wife Elizabeth Wentworth, died & his will was proved on April 15th, 1839.  To his grandson Wentworth  Webster he gave all his printed books.  As well as leaving money to his widow Sarah, an annuity of £40 was given to each of his grandsons, Wentworth & Henry Webster until they became 15, provided they were not educated in Uxbridge.  This annuity increased to £100 when they reached 15 if necessary to complete their education.  £8,000 of his residuary estate was to be equally divided among his grandchildren, Wentworth, Henry, Emma & Charles Wentworth, with any residue to go to the favoured Wentworth. However it would appear  that Charles fell out of favour with Philip Wentworth, as a codicil to his will removed Charles as an executor and benefactor of his share of the estates that he was at first granted.  Little  Elizabeth Shoppee was not mentioned in the will, presumably as she was not a direct blood relative.

In the 1841 census widowed Charles was living at High St, Hillingdon, Uxbridge & was listed as a grocer, his profession given on the baptism records of his children.   He had a house keeper Harriet Warrington (50) who was a beneficiary in the will of Charles’s son Charles Wentworth Webster written in 1845.  The only child at home was 7 year old Elizabeth.  There were a number of grocer’s assistants living with them.

Charles married for the third time on November 14th, 1843 at Saint Nicholas Church, Brighton. His new wife was Caroline Bourn who was born  August 6th, 1807 at Gainsborough, Lincoln, the daughter of  Elizabeth & William, a rope maker, & entered into the Society of Friends (Quaker) birth register.  Caroline was christened on July 22nd, 1825 at All Saints, Gainsborough.  She was 1 of 12 children, all of whom had christening dates in 1824/25 according to the IGI. Caroline’s sister, Sarah Foster Bourn, was a witness of the will of Charles Wentworth Webster written in 1845 at Uxbridge. Sarah Bourn was principal of a ladies school in Brighton at the time of the 1851 census.

Charles & Caroline had a son Alfred in 1846 & a daughter Caroline born in 1847 who sadly lived for only 23 days.

Caroline & Charles in 1851 were living at High St, Uxbridge, Middlesex where Charles was a tea dealer & tallow chandler employing 11 men. Wentworth (22), was at home from Lincoln College, Oxford & Charles & Caroline now had in addition to son Alfred (5), a 9 month old daughter, Fanny. Living with them were 3 grocers & 3 servants.

A notice in Perry’s Bankrupt Gazette of March 20th, 1852 states that the partnership of Charles Webster & Henry Ryley, of Uxbridge, tea dealers and tallow chandlers was dissolved.

By 1861 Charles & Caroline were living at Warren Farm, Uxbridge Common, Hillingdon where Charles was a farmer of 450 acres on 2 farms employing 21 men & 5 boys. Still at home were children Alfred & Fanny. With them at the time of the census was nephew Robert A Gardner (10) & grandson Henry Wentworth Gurney (13). Henry was the son of Charles & Elizabeth’s daughter Emma Wentworth Webster who had married John Gurney.

Charles & Caroline were still at Warren Farm in 1871. Daughter Fanny was still at home & with them at the time of the census was granddaughter Agnes Ellen Gurney (19), another child of daughter Emma. There were a number of domestic & farm servants & a groom living with them.

The Bucks Herald of September 25th, 1880 contained an advert stating that Charles was giving up his farming business.

By 1881 Charles had retired & he & Caroline were living at 26 St Andrews, Hillingdon with a housekeeper, servant & a groom.

Charles died on August 19th, 1881 at 26 St Andrews, Uxbridge, aged 84.

Charles’ will was proved on September 30th, 1881 by his executors, namely son Alfred Webster of Leinsters, Rickmansworth, Herts, who was a farmer & nephew Thomas Hurry Bridges Woodbridge of Uxbridge, gentleman.  The will states that Charles was a farmer of Warren Farm, Uxbridge but late of St Andrew’s, Hillingdon.  His personal estate was valued at £14,363.2s.3d.  Charles left a legacy of £150 to his wife Caroline together with all his household goods.  He left £8,000 to his trustees to be invested to provide income to his wife for life, & after her death to be divided equally to his 3 children, the Rev Wentworth Webster, Alfred Webster & Fanny Caroline, wife of George Woodbridge.  He also left £700 to his grandchildren Ellen, wife of Owen Lewis & Henry Gurney.  He instructed that all his real estate be sold & added to his personal estate.

Caroline died June 25th, 1888 at 6 Calverley Terrace, Tunbridge Wells, Kent aged 80 & was buried at St Andrew’s, Hillingdon, Middlesex on June 30th, 1888.  Her will was proved on September 12th, 1888 by son Alfred of Linster Farm, Rickmansworth, Herts, farmer.  Her effects were £407.6s.5d.

The children of Charles Webster & Caroline Bourn were:

we.2.7 Alfred Webster born Oct-December 1845 & christened January 16th, 1846 at St Margaret’s, Uxbridge
we.2.8  Caroline Webster christened March 21st, 1847 at St Margaret’s, Uxbridge; buried April 3rd, 1847 at St John the Babtist, Hillingdon
we.2.9  Fanny Caroline Webster christened July 26th, 1850 at St Margaret’s, Uxbridge; died July-September 1881 at Lavant, Sussex


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