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Doris Margherita Webster [we.3.8.9]

Doris Margherita Webster was born February 12th, 1891 in Mackay, Australia, the daughter of Charles Webster & Julia Garcia.  Charles was an eminent businessman & landowner in Mackay.

The following information on Doris’ life in Australia & NZ was kindly provided by her granddaughter’s husband, Richard Lambert.
Doris Margherita married George Edward Hunter on February 11th, 1914.  George was born in 1888 in Porangahau in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand.  His family were well to do and owned a large amount of land.   His great grandfather was the first mayor of Wellington. George sadly, from a young age, suffered very badly from asthma so was limited in what he could do. During a sailing trip George stopped in Brisbane, Australia where he met Doris. They decided to live in Australia which had a drier climate which better suited George’s health.  He purchased a farm near Toowoomba in Queensland where they lived and  had 4 children.  At some stage George sold this property and purchased a farm just outside Adelaide, South Australia, and also a house in Adelaide for the family to live in, in order that the children had access to good schools.

George suddenly died as a result of his ongoing health problems on the 17th June, 1929.  Doris sold the farm, however the sale coincided with the 1929 stock market crash.  She was not paid for the farm, and as she now had no income she moved to New Zealand were the Hunter family could provide for them. Many years later, totally out of the blue, Doris received the money for the farm from the purchaser!  In her later days she lived in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, not far from where her son George was farming.  Doris died on the 27th July, 1964.

The children of Doris Margherita Webster & George Edward Hunter were:  Molly Jacqueline Hunter born April 29th, 1915  Nancy Jocelyn Hunter born June 20th, 1916 Margaret Pauline Fay Hunter born January 27th, 1920 George Anthony Hunter born March 6th, 1921



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