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Thomas Barnett [b.2.1]

Thomas Barnett was born in Remenham, Berkshire, in 1781 the first child of Thomas Barnett and Sarah Williams & was christened at St Nicholas, Remenham, on July 15th, 1781.

Thomas married Caroline Bassigny by licence on October 2nd, 1811 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire. Thomas was a bachelor of Shiplake, Oxfordshire, & Caroline, a spinster, came from Wargrave, Berkshire. Witnesses were Diana Cavell and John McHarg. Caroline Bassigny was born c1785. Her mother, Anne, died on August 2nd, 1831 and was buried in vault 7 at the Independent Meeting House, Rotherfield Greys. This is the same vault in which George Barnett, brother of Thomas, was buried. Anne Bassigny’s Will, dated March 9th, 1831, stated that she was of Henley upon Thames and was a widow. She obviously thought a great deal of her son-in-law, Thomas, as she left him £500 in her will. The will states that Thomas was of New Farm in the parish of Greys. Apart from some small legacies, one for Diana Cavell who was a witness at the marriage of Thomas and Caroline, the bulk of the estate went to Caroline, independent of any husband, and Caroline’s children. It would appear that Anne was quite well off and that Caroline was her only surviving child.

Thomas was a bailiff in husbandry and later a farmer. By 1823 he and Caroline were living at New Farm. The exact location of this property is unknown but is likely to have been a short distance outside of Henley-on-Thames.
At the time of the 1841 census, Thomas and Caroline were living in the Parish of Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire. Thomas was listed as a farmer.

In 1851 Thomas and Caroline were living at Satwell Farm, Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire. Thomas was aged 72 and his occupation is given as farmer of 455 acres employing 12 labourers. Son Joseph was still living at home & a granddaughter Emily Bradford (6) was also present at the time of the census. Emily was the first daughter of Thomas & Caroline's daughter Emily who had married Arthur Edwin Bradford in 1843.

The Reading Mercury of September 4th, 1852 shows Thomas advertising his farm to let.  In October 1852 Thomas advertised for sale a quantity of livestock including horses & cows, along with a large amount of farming equipment, including ploughs, wagons & carts etc. 

Thomas died on November 20th, 1852, at Rotherfield Grays, of disease of heart and dropsy, aged 75. His will was signed May 6th, 1842 and proved on February 21st, 1853. Properties listed in the will were Satwell Farm and Bromsden Farm, the latter held under lease. In his Will, Thomas left everything to his wife, Caroline and then stated:
"I rely with full confidence on her maternal affection that she will so dispose of same by her Will and testament or otherwise for the benefit of such of my children who shall be living at the time of her decease and in such shares and proportions as by their filial duty and respect towards her after my decease they shall deserve."
Caroline was the sole executrix. Value was sworn to be under £450. Unfortunately, Caroline's Will has not been located so the final disposal of Thomas's estate is unknown.

In 1861 Caroline, aged 76 year old was noted as a pensioner boarding at Hurt St, Henley with a school mistress Eleanor Cook.

There is a death for Caroline Barnett, aged 79, registered in Lambeth.  She was buried on January 6th, 1864 at Norwood Cemetery,  Lambeth.

The children of Thomas Barnett and Caroline Bassigny were:

b.2.1.1 Maria Barnett christened September 9th, 1813 at Shiplake; bured October 14th, 1813 at Shiplake, Oxfordshire

b.2.1.2 Thomas Barnett christened April 1st, 1815 at Shiplake; died May 19th, 1867 at Middlesex Hospital, London

b.2.1.3 Caroline Barnett christened April 15th, 1816 at Shiplake; buried April 19th, 1817 at Shiplake, Oxfordshire

b.2.1.4 Anne Barnett christened April 15th, 1816 at Shiplake; buried April 19th, 1816 at Shiplake

b.2.1.5 John Frederick Barnett christened April 7th, 1818 at Shiplake; died 1907

b.2.1.6 Peter Barnett christened April 16th, 1820 at Shiplake

b.2.1.7 Joseph Barnett christened May 28th, 1821at Shiplake

b.2.1.8 Emily Barnett christened December 22nd, 1823 at Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire

b.2.1.9 Harriet Barnett christened June 12th, 1825 at Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire


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