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Thomas Barnett [b.2]

Thomas Barnett was the second child of Thomas Barnett and Anne Newbury born in Remenham and christened on 21st January, 1759 in St Nicholas, Remenham.

Thomas married Sarah Williams on October 10th, 1780 at Remenham. Sarah was born in 1758, daughter of John Williams and Mary Derham. She was christened at St Mary the Virgin, Henley, Oxon, on November 26th, 1758.

Thomas and Sarah had nine children & all lived to reach adulthood which was rare at that time. A note against the baptism entry for their eighth child, William, in the Parish Register in 1793 comments on this unusual occurrence:
“Son of Thos of this parish and Sarah (Williams) of Henley. They have 3 sons and 5 daughters living”.

Thomas, like his father, was obviously involved in local affairs. They both signed the parish accounts of April 14th, 1800 relating to the repair of the church. The family continued to be involved in church affairs. Joseph, the son of Thomas junior, was a member of the parish vestry and signed the accounts in 1827, 1828 and 1829 as a parish overseer.

Thomas died at Aston on December 28, 1815 at the age of 57 and was buried alongside his parents on January 3rd, 1816 at St Nicholas, Remenham. Remenham is a very old parish situated on the bank of the River Thames, on the Berkshire side a short distance from Henley-on-Thames. It comprises several small, scattered dwellings, including the hamlet of Aston.

Details of Thomas' will as supplied by Lorraine Wuth (see acknowledgements) are quoted below:
Thomas' Will signed on December 14, 1815 was a long document contained on eight sheets of paper. A Codicil was attached on December 27 of that month. The Will made provision for a number of trusts and the disposal of Thomas' freehold and leasehold messuages (dwelling-house with outbuildings) and land assigned to its use, tenements (real property possibly without a dwelling), heredits (these appear to be the freehold and leaseholdings that he inherited), farms, land and like as well as his personal estate.
In the Will Thomas makes mention of his Wife Sarah Barnett for whom a trust was defined, his daughter Sarah who was deaf and dumb was also provided for with a trust, plus his other children: sons Thomas, George, William and Joseph and daughters Mary, Caroline, Julia and Ann. His son in law Thomas Deane, husband of his daughter Ann, was named as one of his Executors and Trustees.
During his lifetime Thomas had obviously assisted his family to get on in life. He had advanced money to George and Ann and other family members were placed on and working various farms.
Properties mentioned in the Will included the farm at Aston in Remenham, Roc[k]all End Farm in Hambleden which was leased, real estate in Henley and at Sonning and in Sonning Eye. All in all this covered three counties: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Provision was made for the continuance and management of the various farms for "the benefit of my family" and Sarah, his wife, was given the controlling rights to determine whether the home property at Aston would continue to be farmed or otherwise disposed of.
The four sons were to be given the opportunity to buy the real estate held by Thomas with them being able to be considered in order of seniority. All the residuary personal estate, basically all the money once all his estate was sold, was to be divided equally between his children with the exception of daughter Sarah who had been generously provided for through a trust.
In the Will was a surprise inclusion. Provisions were made for Elizabeth Wenman who was occupying one of Thomas' farms in Sonning Eye. Where she fits in and why she was generously provided for in his Will is a mystery.

Sarah died at Aston on May 7th, 1835 at the age of 76 and was buried alongside Thomas on May 13th, 1835 at Remenham.

Sarah too left a Will, dated August 18th, 1824. In the Codicil to her Will written on July 14th, 1832, Sarah names her children thus: Thomas Barnett, William Barnett, Joseph Barnett, Caroline Barnett, Mary Barnett, Ann the wife of Thomas Deane. She confirmed provisions for her daughter Sarah Barnett & bequeathed to her household goods, furniture, plate, china & wearing apparel. She noted that her son George Barnett was now deceased & bequeathed his share of inheritance to be shared between his children.

The children of Thomas Barnett and Sarah Williams were:

b.2.1 Thomas Barnett christened July 15th, 1781 at Remenham; died 20 November,1852
at Rotherfield Grays, Oxon
b.2.2 Sarah Barnett christened September 1st, 1782at Remenham; died January 8th,1855
at Remenham
b.2.3 Mary Barnett christened February 23rd, 1784 at Remenham; died January 23,1872
at Henley
b.2.4 George Barnett christened April 30th, 1786 at Remenham; died February 18th, 1831
at Harpsden, Oxon
b.2.5 Caroline Barnett christened October 28th, 1787 at Berks

b.2.6 Julia Ann Barnett christened August 2nd, 1789 at Remenham; died January 10th,
1816 at Remenham
b.2.7 Ann Barnett born October 20th , 1791at Remenham; died March 29th, 1861

b.2.8 William Barnett born August 17th, 1793; died November 14th , 1875 at
Saunderton, Bucks
b.2.9 Joseph Barnett born August 4th, 1796 at Remenham, died November 24th, 1865
at Remenham Hill


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