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George Earnshaw [e.1.2.1]

George Earnshaw was the first son of Thomas Earnshaw & Jane Turnbull christened September 26th, 1850 at Hunwick, Co Durham.

At the time of the 1851 census 7 month old George was with his parents at Back North Terrace, Dawdon, Seaham Harbour, Co Durham.

In 1861 the family were living at the Gas Works, Dawdon & George had 2 younger brothers & a younger sister.

By 1871 the family had moved to Haswell Colliery & George was now working as a screeman at the colliery. He had 5 brothers & a sister.

George married Frances Wren in Oct-December 1872, the marriage being registered at Easington. Frances was born Jan-March 1852 at Haswell, the daughter of Jane & William Wren, a coal miner.

In 1881 George & Frances were living at Haswell & George was now described as a coal miner. They had a 6 year old son Thomas.

By 1885 they had moved to Shotton & at the time of the 1891 census George & Frances were living at 11 Sunderland Row, Shotton Colliery, Easington where George was once again described as a screenman at the coal mine. Son Thomas was now a labourer at the colliery & there were 2 more children – William (8) & Elizabeth J (6).

They were still living at Shotton in 1901, now at 26 Railway St. George was now a colliery banksman above ground. At home were Thomas, now a limestone quarryman, & daughter Lizzie J. Sadly William had died the previous year, aged 18.

In 1911 George & Frances were still at 26 Railway Row, Shotton Colliery & George was described as a colliery engineer. With them was daughter Lizzie who had married Granville Taylor in 1908. Granville was a brick setter at the brickworks. Lizzie had 2 children Frances Lilian Earnshaw (1) & Ivy (1 month). It was noted on the census that George & Frances had had 9 children, but only Lizzie & Thomas were still alive. Son Thomas had married Dorothy Jane Marshall in 1905 & at the time of the 1911 census they were living at 8 Queen St, Shotton Colliery where Thomas was a colliery onsetter below ground.

Frances died aged 64 in Oct-December 1915, the death being registered at Easington.

George died aged 76 in Oct-December 1926, his death being registered in Easington.

The 1939 register shows daughter Lizzie Jane & her husband Granville Taylor living at 35 Salters Lane, Easington where Granville was a coke oven charger.  With them were sons William G, a putter, & John G, a colliery driver, both working below ground, & 11 year old Cyril who was still at school.

By 1939 son Thomas had died & his widow Dorothy was living at 5 Park View, Hetton, Co Durham with her daughter, Dorothy J (born 1915) who was a grocery & provision shop assistant.

The children of George Earnshaw & Frances Wren were:

e. Thomas Earnshaw born Jan-March 1875 at Haswell, Co Durham; died Jan-March 1921 at Sedgefield
e. Jane Wren Earnshaw born 1879 at Haswell, Co Durham, died 1879 at Haswell, Co Durham

e. William Wren Earnshaw born July-September 1881 at Haswell, Co Durham, died April-June 1900 at Easington
e. Lizzie Jane Earnshaw born April 4th, 1885 at Shotton, Co Durham

e.  Frances Ellen Earnshaw born Jan-March 1895 at Shotton; died July-September 1895 at Shotton


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