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The Earnshaw family begins with John Earnshaw [e] - click on him to see tree of descendants


[e] John Earnshaw c1771-1836 m. (1) Jane Wales (2) Elizabeth Appleby


[e.1] Thomas Earnshaw 1801-1860 m. Elizabeth Crosby [c.4.2] 1803-1887

[e.1.1] John Earnshaw 1825-1897 m. Sarah Thurlbeck 1822-1901

[e.1.1.1] Mary Ann Earnshaw 1847-1922 m. Thomas Fletcher 1848-1924

[e.1.1.2] John Pickering Earnshaw 1859-1879


[e.1.2] Thomas Earnshaw c1829-<1901 m. Jane Turnbull c1831-1906

[e.1.2.1] George Earnshaw 1850-1926 m. Frances Wren 1852-1915

[e.] Thomas Earnshaw 1875-1921 m. Dorothy Jane Marshall c1882-

[e.] Vera Marshall Earnshaw 1905-

[e.] Jane Wren Earnshaw 1879-1879

[e.] William Wren Earnshaw 1881-1900

[e.] Lizzie Jane Earnshaw 1885- m. Granville Taylor c1884-


[e.1.2.2] Thomas Earnshaw 1853-1934 m. Katherine Mary Witcombe 1868-1942

[e.1.2.3] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1855-1869

[e.1.2.4] Robert Earnshaw 1860-1887

[e.1.2.5] John Earnshaw 1863-1921

[e.1.2.6] Jane Earnshaw 1865-1930 m. John Bagley 1860-1923

[e.1.2.7] William Earnshaw 1867-1930 m. Martha Ann Fenwick 1867-1925

[e.1.2.8] James Earnshaw 1870-1950 m. Margaret Wardle


[e.1.2.9] Frederick Earnshaw 1876-1956 Elizabeth Eggleston 1875-1947

[e.] Tom Fitton Earnshaw 1901-1996 m. Lily Cook

[e.] Frederick Earnshaw 1903-1996 m. Elizabeth Maggs

[e.] Robert Earnshaw 1906-1906

[e.] Doris Earnshaw 1909-1977 m. Patrick Owen Burns 1905-1987

[e.] Leslie Earnshaw 1920-1926


[e.1.3] George Earnshaw 1830-1911

[e.1.4] Jane Earnshaw 1834-1904 m. William Blenkinsop c1832-1884

[e.1.5] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1837-1919 m. Joseph Coulton 1836-1880


[e.1.6] Robert Earnshaw1840-1909 m. Ann Richardson [r.6.1] c1848-1901

[e.1.6.1] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1870-1943 m. Henry Francis Wright 1867-1924

[e.1.6.2] Thomas Earnshaw 1872-1925 m. Mary Elizabeth Clark 1875-1935

[e.] Robert Earnshaw 1899-1960 m. Catherine Kirtley 1899-1963

[e.] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1902-1972 m. Joseph Brandon c1893-1947

[e.] Thomas Earnshaw 1906-

[e.] Mary Evelyn Earnshaw 1915-1966 m. Robert Errington 1913-1983

[e.1.6.3] Robert Richardson Earnshaw 1873-1934 m. Janet Colling 1874-1957

[e.] Charlotte Earnshaw 1903-1907

[e.] Frederick Earnshaw 1908-1986

[e.] Stanley Earnshaw 1921-1991

[e.1.6.4] John Earnshaw 1875-1944 m. Margaret Jane Welch 1876-1943

[e.1.6.5] Mary Ellen Earnshaw 1877-1938 m. Richard Herbert Clifford 1875-1956

[e.1.6.6]Ada Earnshaw 1879-1900


[e.1.6.7] Frederick Earnshaw 1881-1956 m. Mary Emily Stainsby [sb.6.5.5] 1884-1954

[e.] William Earnshaw 1910-1929

[e.] Freda Mary Earnshaw 1913-1979 m. John McCree Pallister [p.] 1910-1984

[e.] Alan Earnshaw 1917-1996 m. Jennie Puffet 1920-2006

[e.] Joan Earnshaw 1918-2007 m. Dennis Bagnall Robson 1915-1965

[e.] Ada Earnshaw 1920-2013 m. Charles Berry 1919-2003

[e.] Eric Earnshaw 1924-2014 m. Elizabeth Dixon

[e.] Kenneth Earnshaw 1926-2006 m. Dorothy Rose 1926-2016

[e.] Denys Earnshaw 1929-1993 m. Ethel Lamb (nee Sadler)


[e.1.6.8] George William Earnshaw 1883-1952 m. Ellen Maud Summerville 1886-1963

[e.] Ellen Maud Earnshaw 1920-1995 m. George Watson


[e.1.6.9] Ernest Earnshaw 1886-1938 m. Elizabeth Hartley 1891-1971

[e.] Winifred Grace Earnshaw 1914-

[e.] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1919-1974 m. Joseph Nevins Lawson

[e.] Marjorie Hartley Earnshaw 1923-1997 m. Robert Rackstraw


[e.1.7] Mary Earnshaw 1842-1912 m. James Hall c1841-1917


[e.2] George Earnshaw 1803-1869 m. Elizabeth Laing 1799-1870

[e.2.1] John Earnshaw 1833-1874 m. Sarah Reed c1834-1915

[e.2.2] Mary Earnshaw 1834-1861 m. Rowland Robinson 1833-1874

[e.2.3] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1839-1857


[e.3] John Earnshaw 1805-

[e.4] Elizabeth Earnshaw 1811-1822

[e.5] Mary Earnshaw 1813-



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