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Ada Earnshaw [e.1.6.6]

Ada Earnshaw was the sixth child of Robert Earnshaw and Ann Richardson born Jan-March 1879 at Seaham, Co. Durham.

Ada was living at home at the time of the 1881 (Seaham Park, Seaham) & 1891 (Grange Terrace, Ryhope) censuses. Ada was a very good pianist & a favourite sister of Frederick Earnshaw.

An abstract from the Sunderland Echo, January 23rd, 1894, recording Ada's musical prowess

Article courtesy of Rob Shepherd, author of a publication on the Centenary of St Aidan's Church, Grangetown

Poor Ada died tragically of consumption (tuberculosis) at only 21 years of age May 2nd, 1900 & was buried at St Aidan's, Grangetown. Because of her musical talents Frederick Earnshaw encouraged his daughters to play the piano & have piano lessons.


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