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William Earnshaw []

William Earnshaw, known as Bill, was the first son of Frederick Earnshaw & Mary Emily Stainsby born 1910 at Ryhope, Co Durham.

Bill was a pupil at Bede Grammar School, Sunderland. Bill, only 18, suffered 2 accidents in 1828, both of which appeared not to be serious at the time. Firstly he fell while alighting from a bus but seemed to suffer no ill effects. Soon after however William had a second accident. He was interested in religion & one of his friends was a curate named Gerry Neill. Whilst riding pillion on Gerry's motorbike, Bill fell as they travelled on a rough road. He remounted the bike & seemed unhurt. However doctors considered he had undergone some damage to the brain which gradually led to paralysis. His family have memories of him remaining in good spirits after the accident & dashing about in a wheelchair. The accident unfortunately led to his early death on June 9th,1929 at the age of 19.

Bill was buried on June 12th at Sunderland Cemetery.


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