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Ernest Earnshaw [e.1.6.9]

Ernest Earnshaw was the ninth child of Robert Earnshaw and Ann Richardson born at Grange Terrace, Ryhope & christened May 16th, 1886 at St Paul’s, Ryhope, Co. Durham.

Ernest was a gilders apprentice in 1901 when he was living at home in Stockton Terr, Ryhope. He later became an employee of the papermill.

In 1911 Ernest was living with his older brother Thomas & his wife Mary & family at 11 Leechmere Rd, Grangetown. He was a house painter at the time. He later became an employee of the papermill.

Ernest married Elizabeth Hartley on July 2nd, 1913 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown. At the time of the wedding Ernest was living at 26 Leechmere Rd, Grangetown & Elizabeth (known as Liz) was living at 4 Spelter Works Rd, Grangetown. Witnesses at the wedding were Henry Francis Wright, Ernest’s brother-in-law, & Winifred Grace Wright. Liz, born April-June 1891 at Sunderland, was the daughter of Sarah & James Hartley, listed as a gas worker in the 1901 census when they were living at Spelter Works Rd, Grangetown with their 7 children including Liz. In 1911 Liz was working as a domestic nurse for Charles Ernest Wright, a solicitor & his wife Winifred Grace Wright (nee Watson) & family at 20 Park Place, Sunderland. Winifred Grace was obviously held in high esteem by Ernest & Liz, as not only was she a witness at their wedding, but they named their first daughter after her.

Ernest & Elizabeth had 3 daughters. Their second daughter Elizabeth married Joseph Nevins Lawson, an electrician, on August 3rd, 1940 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown. Daughter Marjorie married Robert Rackstraw on July 7th, 1945 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown.

Ernest died September 12th, 1938, aged 52 & was buried at St Aidan’s, Grangetown, nr. Sunderland.

Elizabeth died February 19th, 1971, aged 79 & was buried with Ernest at St Aidan’s, Grangetown.

The children of Ernest Earnshaw & Elizabeth Hartley were:

e. Winifred Grace Earnshaw born March 30th, 1914 at 16 Spelter Works Rd, Grangetown & christened April 28th, 1914 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown, Co Durham
e. Elizabeth Earnshaw born September 14th, 1919 at 16 Spelter Works Rd, Grangetown & christened October 7th, 1919 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown, Co Durham; died April-June 1974 at Sunderland

e. Marjorie Hartley Earnshaw born June 13th, 1923 at 16 Spelter Works Rd, Grangetown & christened July 10th, 1923 at St Aidan’s, Grangetown, Co Durham; died Oct-December 1997 at Sunderland


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