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George Ellis [el.5.6]

George Ellis was the sixth child of William Ellis & Mary Allsop christened November 14th, 1819 at Pinxton, Derbyshire.

In 1841 George was living with his parents at Pinxton Wharf & was working as a coal miner.

George married Ann Mee in Jan-March 1844 at Pinxton, Derbyshire. Ann was born c1825 at South Normanton, Derbyshire.

In 1851 George & Ann were living at Pinxton Wharf & George was still a coal miner. They had 3 children – John (6), Mary Ann (3) & Samuel (7 months). Samuel had a twin brother, William, who only a survived for a few days & Samuel himself only lived to the age of 3. Daughter Jane was born in 1849 but was not found in the 1851 census.

By 1861 the family had moved to Speedwell Cottages, Staveley, Derbyshire & George continued to be a coal miner as was 16 year old son John. Other children at home were Mary A, William (8), Sarah (5) & Hannah (2).

Daughter Mary Ann married Edward Hodson on June 5th, 1865 at Staveley.

The Derbyshire Times & Chesterfield Herald of March 10th, 1866 reported on an accident which occurred to George at the Old Hollingwood Pit, Staveley where he worked.  George, of Speedwell Terrace, who had only just recovered from an accident which disabled him for some months, was ‘foolishly riding on the limbers of a corve’ (corve or corf is a wicker basket used to transport coal).  The corve came off the rails & George was thrown off & his left leg seriously fractured.

George & Ann were living at Chesterfield Rd, Staveley in 1871. Son William was now a coal miner like his father. Also at home were Sarah, Hannah, Martha (8) & son John, a coal miner, now married to Dorothy & their daughter Sarah A (8 months).

George died on June 10th, 1879 at Speedwell & was buried on June 13th, 1879, aged 59, at Staveley, Chesterfield. 

In 1881 widowed Ann was living with her daughter Sarah who had married George Cupitt on Christmas Day, 1875. They were living at Chesterfield Rd, Staveley. George was a coal miner & he & Sarah had a daughter, Sarah E (6 months). Also with them was George & Sarah’s niece, Sarah A Ellis, aged 10, presumably the daughter of John & Dorothy Ellis (see 1871 above). There was also a boarder, Robert Plant, a 25 year old colliery labourer.

Ann was still living at Chesterfield Rd in 1891 with George & Sarah Cupitt & their 2 children Sarah E & Mildred (5).

Ann died on March 30th 1892, aged 68, at Chesterfield Rd, Staveley.

The children of George Ellis & Ann Mee were:

el.5.6.1 John Ellis born at Meadow Houses & christened August 30th, 1844 at Pinxton

el.5.6.2  William Ellis born July-September 1846 at Pinxton; died Oct-December 1846 at Pinxton
el.5.6.3 Mary Ann Ellis christened November 28th, 1847 at Staveley, Derbyshire
el.5.6.4 Jane Ellis born at Meadow Houses & christened November 5th, 1849 at Pinxton
el.5.6.5 Samuel Ellis born at Meadow Houses & christened August 17th, 1850 at Pinxton, died December 18th, 1853 at Pinxton
el.5.6.6 William Ellis born at Meadow Houses & christened August 17th, 1850 at Pinxton, died August 23rd, 1850 at Pinxton
el.5.6.7 William Ellis born at Meadow Houses & christened April 17th, 1853 at Pinxton
el.5.6.8 Sarah Ellis born Oct-December 1855 at Pinxton
el.5.6.9 Hannah Ellis christened March 21st, 1859 at Staveley, Derbyshire
el.5.6.10 Martha Ellis christened October 4th, 1863 at Staveley, Derbyshire


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